Tails from Corner Vets

Cheeky Whisper

Whisper here is a 21 week old Labrador cross. Labrador’s are renowned for being greedy, and that’s certainly what Whisper is!

Whisper had helped herself to a corn on the cob husk from a dinner plate over the weekend. We took an x-ray just to check that everything was ok, and low and behold, the corn was still in her stomach!!!!

Whisper had to under go surgery to remove it, as there was no way it would have been able to pass through without getting stuck in her intestines. This would have made her very poorly and a much more difficult operation.

Francesca our vet successfully removed the corn husk from her stomach, and Whisper has recovered well. We will be checking her progress closely in the next few days.

Little Scamp

27022077_1994099167523176_6684415977712086668_oMeet Scamp. He is an old boy at nearly 19 years of age!!!!

He has kidney disease and is on a special diet as well as medication to support his kidneys. Scamp’s lump on his head is just a fluid filled cyst.

He has had it for quite a few years, but recently it has grown, and started to annoy him. Scamp was placed on intravenous fluids before his surgery to maintain his blood pressure, and help support his kidneys throughout the procedure.

Luckily for Scamp the lump was easily removed. Scamp remained on a drip for the rest of the day to help flush any anaesthetic drugs out of his body.

He recovered very well and was doing great at his post op check.

We will monitor his kidney condition closely, with regular check ups and blood tests.


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