Pet Smile Month, A Graduation And More On Our Weekly News

The weather gets colder every day but our wonderful vets are always happy to provide warm cuddles, a nice treat and the best vet care possible!

During Pet Smile Month and just 5 weeks before Christmas, pets want to have the brightest smile and they are rushing into our surgeries to benefit from our dental discounts!

Does your pet need a dental? Book your FREE dental checkup to find out! Find your closest surgery and book online for easy and quick appointments with your preferred vet!

For London Vets 👉
For Kent Vets 👉

Buddy And His Free Dental Check

This cutie, Buddy, came in yesterday to take advantage of our fantastic Pet Smile Month offer! 😁

His owner brought him in for a ✨ free dental check ✨ earlier in the month. Our vet advised he was in need of dental treatment to remove the built up plaque and tartar on his teeth.

Once under anaesthesia, our wonderful vet, Kate, was able to see that he also needed a few teeth removed! Luckily, Buddy’s owner brought him in during our offer, so they received ✨ 15% off all the dental treatment ✨ he needed, including his pre-anaesthetic bloods and fluid therapy throughout!

His mouth should feel so much better without those unhealthy teeth and all that plaque! 🦷

We’re looking forward to more cuddles at his check up! 🥰

Puppy Graduation At Briar House Vets

Our first bunch of puppies graduated last week! Here is Bailey and Charlie receiving their certificates.

During the puppy parties, they learnt socialisation skills, chatted with the staff, enjoyed controlled play, showed off their training development and of course had loads of fun!!!

Puppy Mayhem At Streatham Hill Vets

🐾 Join our Puppy Parties🐾

Every Wednesday evening from 7.30 to 8.30pm, puppies are welcome at Streatham Hill Vets to socialise, learn how to play nicely, and have FUN! 🤩

It is really important to fully socialise your puppy so that they are well balanced and well behaved.

The classes are run by the amazing dog behaviour expert, Diane Bruce and she covers essential points such as:
🦴 Basic obedience and training tips,
🦴 Basic care and clinical information,
🦴 Behavioural training tips
🦴 Appropriate playing advice
And much, much more…

The classes also give you the opportunity to discuss any issues you may be having at home with your lovely pet! 😍
To book a place to join in the fun or to learn more about our puppy pre-school, call our team on 0208 674 3525! 📞
We can’t wait to see you and your puppy there! 🐕

Miss Ruby’s Mystery Case

This lovely gentle giant is Miss ruby. She was referred to us by another vets after having vomiting and weight loss. Our Vet Viraf performed an ultrasound as he has undertaken further training in this area

Ultrasound and xrays showed a large amount of gas in Miss Ruby’s gut. This is not normal and can be a sign that there is a blockage or foreign body present. Poor Miss Ruby then had a big surgery so our Vet could have a look at exactly what was going on.

Luckily there was no blockage but there were some areas of her gut that were not normal. We have taken some biopsies to send to the lab and we will hopefully have an answer and treatment plan very soon, so stay tuned! 😍

Happy Coco!

Coco was brought into the surgery last week with a ripped dew claw. She got lots of cuddles whilst she was here and now she is super excited to visit us again. You can come in anytime Coco! X

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