Tails from the Animal Clinic

Max the Bunny

This beautiful bunny having cuddles with his owner is Max.  Max was brought into the clinic recently as he had stopped eating. This is always an alarming sign in rabbits, even if it has only been for a few hours.

When our vet Margit examined Max she also noticed that he had a very distended abdomen and was about to go into shock due to pain. She admitted him immediately to the clinic for shock treatment and pain relief. However, after an X-ray it became clear that Max didn’t just have gut stasis (which is fairly common in rabbits) but an actual blockage, which caused his stomach to swell up with gas (as seen on the X-ray). This is not only very painful, it also causes a lot of pressure on the heart and lungs. Max needed emergency surgery right away. Thankfully the surgery went well and Margit managed to clear the blockage (a large hairball).

Max still needed a lot of aftercare and it took him a few days to fully recover, but we are very pleased to report that he is doing very well now and is back to his lovely bouncy self!

Puppy the Cockerpoo

Beautiful 8 week old Cockerpoo Puppy already has had her life saved twice now at the Animal Clinic. Firstly she was delivered by caesarian section when her mum was struggling to give birth 8 weeks ago. She had to go back into theatre recently after eating the rubber end of a dummy, which got stuck in her intestines and caused a blockage.

Our vet Margit had to perform emergency surgery to remove the foreign body. This was especially tricky as Puppy was so young and so tiny. We managed to locate the area of the dummy on an X-ray before hand and removed the dummy safely from her small intestine.

One of the pictures shows Margit cuddling Puppy when she came back for her check after the surgery, she was so much brighter already! There is also a picture of the rubber part of the dummy after it was removed.

Animal Clinic_Siberian catAslan the Siberian cat

This beautiful boy is Aslan – he is a Siberian cat.

They have long fur and a distinctive coat which is unique to the breed and changes with the seasons. It is considerably longer and thicker in winter, perfect for this snowy weather we’re having!

Siberians are fun loving and intelligent. Unlike other cats they particularly like water and can often be found by a dripping tap.

Aslan came in for his 6 month health check which is free on our VIP plan and we are pleased to say he is a happy and healthy boy!



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