Ear Mite Symptoms, Pyometra And Other Interesting Cases Across Our Group

Here is a short clip of some Ear Mites moving under the lense of a microscope 🔬

Did you know that Ear Mites can be a common parasite in both cats & dogs – they live on the skin of the ear canal and feed off ear wax & skin oils which is exactly what you can see them doing in this video.

Symptoms of Eat Mites may include your pets trying to scratch at their ears with their paws or shaking their head excessively. The ear itself may look red and inflamed however these symptoms can be very similar to a range of other problems too.

If your pet is experiencing any of these symptoms then it’s always best to have them checked by a vet 👍🏻

If you have any questions about ear mites, comment below or call us and our team will be extremely happy to help you!

Our Clinical News

Another exciting week gone by, with many beloved pets coming in for health checks, consultations or just some cuddles with our friendly and caring team!

Muffin’s Lump

This cute little Guinea pig is Muffin🐷. Muffin is enjoying some cuddles with our wonderful student nurse Shalom after surgery today.

Muffin had a painful lump on her side causing her discomfort. We surgically removed the lump today and she has been such a brave little star 🌟recovering well from her anaesthetic.

We will see Muffin back in a few days to check on the surgical site and make sure her recovery is going smoothly.

Double trouble!

Here we have the lovely Disco and Pickle who have recently been in for neutering. They have since been back for their post op checks and we are pleased to say they are both doing extremely well and recovering from their surgery.

Our amazing nurse Rob could not resist a double trouble cuddle.

Aren’t they just the cutest?😻

What Is Pyometra?

Beautiful Sheera came into our practice as she was really feeling unwell and had a lot of symptoms leading towards a pyometra 😔 Fortunately, our wonderful Vet Mary Louise was able to diagnose the problem quickly and Sheera’s owner agreed that we perform the surgery to remove the infected uterus 😁

A pyomeyra is potentially a life threatening infection of the uterus involving a large build up of pus. This can occur spontaneously 😥 As it is hormonally controlled. The best way to prevent this is to have your Dogs and Cats spayed. However this is more common in dogs. Cats can suffer with pyometras too! 😮😫

This isn’t the only thing that benefits your dog and cats when spaying them. Listed below are a few other problems which can be prevented:

* Unwanted pregnancy
* Ovarian/Uterine cancer
* Not having to deal with heats
* No Pyo

The surgery was a huge success and Sheera is feeling amazing today, almost back to herself and making up for her loss of appetite! 🤗😍 We look forward to seeing her for her post operation check up! 😊😊

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