Pintxo’s sore hips 12 year old Bearded Collie Pintxo was brought in to Wimbledon Vets for a routine check up. During his visit it became apparent that Pintxo has sore hips when manipulated so the vet decided it would be good to take some x-rays. The radiographs show that Pintxo has mild arthritis in his […]

Moss gets her sight back! Here is Sweet old soul Moss. She is a diabetic patient, who visits our Corner Veterinary Surgery for regular checks on her blood sugar levels. Moss has to have twice daily insulin injections, as well as a strict diet regime to control her diabetes. Unfortunately one of the complications with […]

When Adam met Monica! This beautiful German Shepherd puppy called Monica, visited Mayow Vets for her second vaccination. Despite her big paws, she is only 10 weeks old in this photo. She is such a lovely, gentle girl who loved all the cuddles with our Vet, Adam. Look out for further updates of Monica’s visits, […]

He’s like a puppy again This is Ruben the handsome Boxer. He has had problems with arthritis in his joints, discovered through X-rays. We have had the pleasure of seeing him in the clinic regularly for his Cartrophen course. This is a 4 week initial course of injections given 5-7 days apart, that acts as […]

Fidget the bearded dragon This little ‘Fidget’ visited our Mayow Veterinary Surgery¬†for a claw clip with our vet Adam. Of course Adam could not resist making a fuss of Fidget and having a quick picture. We are pleased to say we have a happy, healthy and well looked after Bearded Dragon here who gets lots […]

Incredible splenectomy and 1kg tumour surgery The Mayow Vets team could not be any happier to see how fantastic our amazing Amber has recovered after her Splenectomy (spleen removal). Honestly, Amber has been the most amazing and bravest little lady and has soldiered on! 10 years old but young at heart. Amber has been supported […]

Watch amazing grass seed removal from nose! Summer is sending us lots of grass seed cases! We had a dog booked in to our Blackheath Veterinary Surgery that needed a rhinoscopy procedure to retrieve a grass seed stuck up his nose! The video below is a recording of Ash removing the grass seed using our […]