Best UK small surgery is… Lakeview Vets! CONGRATULATIONS TO US!!! Double Award win for Lakeview Vets! We won, we are officially the UK’s Best Small Practice AND Best UK Vet 2019 Bronze winner! Thank you to everyone who left such lovely reviews we are now multi-award winning! Spot the Dog This lovable bundle is 14 […]

Naughty Ken What Have You Eaten?! We had the handsome Ken visit our Blackheath Surgery because his owner noticed he wasn’t eating. Our vet Seohee performed an ultrasound and could see that Ken had something stuck in his intestines. Our vet Matt got to work straight away to remove this foreign object which turned out […]

Dental for Fitz This precious boy is called Fitz. Today he was given an anaesthetic because he needed some dental work. Unfortunately he needed quite a few extractions. He was so brave on recovery and cuddles from our nurse Lizzy seemed to help make things all better ❤ Daisy’s Pet Passport This is the very […]

Cheeky little puppy Ronald! Ronald came in to our Streatham Hill Surgery after getting himself into a pub brawl with a much larger dog than himself 😥 Luckily his very brave mum was able to get him free and his only battle wound was a little cut on his neck. Our vet Felicity was able […]

Diego’s Heart Scan Here we have Diego, a small friendly cat who came to our Wimbledon Vet Surgery for a routine check up the other day and our vet found that he has a heart murmur. Heart murmurs can be perfectly normal in some cats, but can also be a sign of heart disease that […]

Tough break! This beautiful little boy is called Bago. He came into our Blackheath Surgery because his owner noticed he had cut his toe. After closer inspection by our head vet Alan, the wound was a lot more serious than we previously thought. The poor little boy had actually broken his toe. Due to the […]

Beautiful Gracie’s big orthopaedic op! She had a large orthopaedic operation with our brilliant surgeon Gabriella. Poor Gracie broke her tibia (shin bone), resulting in a spiral fracture and heavy bruising. To repair it Gabriella placed pins through the bones and placed an external fixator (leg brace). This will re-align the bones and keep them […]