Freja the Ferret! Meet Freja, here giving our Streatham Hill vet, Eleanor, a little nuzzle! 😍 Freja came in to visit us today for a Suprelorin implant. When female ferrets come into season, they will stay in season until they are mated. If this doesn’t happen, this can cause complications for the ferret such as […]

Khaleesi will fly again! Meet Khaleesi. She is a Common Buzzard, possibly from Scandinavia (due to her very light colouring), she was found by Briar House Veterinary Surgery’s fantastic vet Enrico. Enrico was flying his Falcon in the countryside on Sunday and found her on the floor with a broken wing and wound from being […]

Naughty Alfie and the fruit stone This is Alfie. He came to our Blackheath Vets earlier in the month with vomiting and was unable to keep his food down. After a few days in the practice he wasn’t showing any signs of improvement so an ultrasound scan was performed by our vet Seohee. Seohee detected […]

Guinea Pig Geniuses The Almighty and Brave Mr Charles Darwin the Guinea Pig visited for a lump removal on his lower back, which was confirmed to be a type of cyst. He was such a brave boy and with the support of his buddy Mr Adam Sedgewick he had a fantastic recovery. How awesome are […]

Best vet in London… We were absolutely delighted that Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery has been announced as one of the top three vets in London! Yay us!     Vet Nurse Appreciation Day We are there to greet you and your pet with treats to make you feel comfortable. We are there to make sure […]

Fifi’s emergency operation This is Fifi, a 7 year old entire female cat, her owners brought her in because they noticed she had been drinking more than usual and she had discharge from her vulva. Despite having a normal temperature and everything seemed normal on the physical examination, her blood tests showed a large elevation […]

Gorgeous golden oldie Today’s golden oldie ⭐️ Meet Oscar… can you believe it, he is 20 years old! It is so refreshing to see him here at Streatham Hill Vets for a health check. His owner is still ensuring that at his age he is still up to date with his annual vaccinations and preventative […]