Monthly Archives: September 2018

Meanwhile in a vet surgery near you… Incredible orthopaedic surgery, laser therapy and a cyst removal, from a genius!

Patches cruciate repair Patches, pictured below with our nurse Jill, had a very complicated surgery called a TTA with our highly skilled surgeon Gabriella at Streatham Hill Vets. She was in for her first post op check up and we are delighted to see that she is doing brilliantly. She is bearing weight already and […]

Streatham Hill’s Amazing Pets and Vets

George Maine Cooney! Meet big handsome three year old Maine Coon George Cooney, trying to be held by his surgeon Gabriella!! Our Streatham Hill Vets team discovered a big mass in George’s abdomen. Radiographic and ultrasound studies revealed that the mass was within his stomach. Our skilled veterinary surgeon Gabriella performed an exploratory laparotomy today and […]

Eight Awesome Pets Who Visited Our Vets

Little VIPs What a lovely and eventful way to start the day in Mitcham Vets! We had these three cute babies come in for their first check ups with us, and they all became Little VIPs!🤩 Adorable tabby kitten Ariel, gorgeous chihuahua Lowkie, and beautiful and aptly named kitten Oreo all went home with a […]

Our tips to keep your pets safe this Autumn

Autumn is a season of great change, but did you know that many of the lovely things we associate with Autumn  are harmful and sometimes stressful to our pets? Our top tips offers some advice on how to help your pets stay calm through fireworks season and the hazards to watch out for over the […]

Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Ferrets, Chinchillas and Meerkats… All in a days work for our London Vets!

Pintxo’s sore hips 12 year old Bearded Collie Pintxo was brought in to Wimbledon Vets for a routine check up. During his visit it became apparent that Pintxo has sore hips when manipulated so the vet decided it would be good to take some x-rays. The radiographs show that Pintxo has mild arthritis in his […]

Five go visit the vets!

Moss gets her sight back! Here is Sweet old soul Moss. She is a diabetic patient, who visits our Corner Veterinary Surgery for regular checks on her blood sugar levels. Moss has to have twice daily insulin injections, as well as a strict diet regime to control her diabetes. Unfortunately one of the complications with […]