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Summer tips – a week in video: Grass seed removal, how to spot fleas and rabbit checks

Watch amazing grass seed removal from nose! Summer is sending us lots of grass seed cases! We had a dog booked in to our Blackheath Veterinary Surgery that needed a rhinoscopy procedure to retrieve a grass seed stuck up his nose! The video below is a recording of Ash removing the grass seed using our […]

Babesiosis tick disease what are the risks?

Babesiosis – what is it? Babesiosis is a potentially serious malaria-like illness and is one of the most dangerous tick-transmitted diseases in dogs. The disease spreads in a similar way to how humans catch malaria from mosquitoes. The disease has recently been found in the UK and is expected to spread from its current focus in Essex. What to […]

Fleas and ticks and worms… Oh my!

Summer is here, and we have some wonderful highlights to enjoy, Wimbledon Tennis, festivals, walks in the park, lazing in your sun-soaked garden, and of course the weather! But with the lovely warm weather, there also comes some unexpected visitors! Whilst it’s an undeniable pleasure to own a pet, it’s also a choice which comes […]

Senior Cats

Help your older cat become an exercise ‘ace’ during Wimbledon Fortnight. With Wimbledon fortnight upon us once again, why not join in the spirit of summer sport and help your senior cat get in shape and stay healthy? Cats enjoy lazing around soaking up the heat and it is also the perfect time for them […]

Senior dogs

Use the Wimbledon fortnight to ‘rally’ your senior dog’s exercise regime As the masses descend upon SW19 once again for two weeks of tennis, why not get caught up in the sporting atmosphere and help to keep your senior dog fit and healthy? Your four legged friend probably won’t be serving up aces as the […]

How to care for your bunny..

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week running from the 9th-17th May, so it’s time to start thinking about bunnies… With Spring just sprung, our lovely bunny friends are everywhere, aren’t they? With Easter now behind us we saw so many cute stuffed toys on the shelves, chocolate shaped rabbits in your basket and bunnies gracing the front […]

Helping your older pets stay happy and healthy through the winter…

  The dropping temperatures and indoor living that come with winter can bring some extra challenges when your pet is older. Existing conditions such as arthritis can be exacerbated, new health problems can develop and your pets can be exposed to specific dangers only seen in the colder months (antifreeze poisoning, burns from open fires, […]