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Tails from London Veterinary Surgeries: It’s not just cats and dogs…

Who doesn’t like Kellogg’s? Not the usual patient! Today we had a visit from Kelloggs. He came in to our Blackheath Veterinary Surgery to see Alan because he has developed ‘bumble foot’ (bacterial infection that enters the blood stream via a cut). Alan prescribed some antibiotics so he should hopefully be feeling much better very […]

Blue green algae warning: What does blue green algae look like, is it dangerous to dogs?

BLUE-GREEN algae is increasingly becoming a major health risk as the high summer temperatures we have been experiencing have encouraged growth of the toxic plant. The presence of blue-green algae has recently been confirmed in water bodies in Scotland, the Lake District, North Lincolnshire and East Northamptonshire, among other locations. The British Veterinary Association (BVA) […]

Summer time tips to keep your pets cool and comfortable from London Veterinary Surgeries

  Cat Fights Gentle Charlie was getting up to some mischief outside! 🙈 He came to us with a cat bite on the side of his face that developed into an abscess, which often requires vet treatment, including the draining of the abscess and antibiotics. Charlie was incredibly patients with our vet Alessandro, and he […]

Five tails from five London Veterinary Surgeries

Blocked bladder emergency Meet Ele the striking Cornish Rex 🐱 Ele was rushed into our Streatham Hill Surgery as he had a blocked bladder. Blocked bladders are most common in male cats are life threatening. Usually the blockage is due to stones, crystals or mucous. The build up of toxins from the urine that has […]