Lifesaving and heart-warming stories from The Animal Clinic

We have some amazing stories for you all to enjoy. Our dedicated teams have spent so much time with their constant care and attention to all the wonderful pets that come through our surgery doors.

Whether the stories have been life-saving, have touched us with their wonderful blend of bravery, or the pet themselves showing us their fantastically unique characters…

Daisy TAC newsletter picPoor Daisy had been rather unwell while on holiday with her family – suffering with diarrhoea and lethargy. Once she was back home her owners brought her into The Animal Clinic for an examination, and our vet Margit carried out an ultrasound which revealed that Daisy had pyometra (infection of the womb) and needed emergency surgery. Margit removed Daisy’s infected womb, and she is now doing very well, with no more diarrhoea.

What was surprising in Daisy’s case was that she didn’t really show the typical symptoms of pyometra but rather presented just with diarrhoea. Pyometra can be very serious, but thankfully we found out what the problem was just in time!

Handsome JD

JDOur gorgeous JD has epilepsy and is on medication to reduce his fits. He needs to have regular blood tests to make sure he is on the right level of medicine. Fortunately JD is doing very well at the moment and hasn’t had any fits for a while. In fact, most pets with epilepsy can live fairly normal lives as long as they are on the right medicine and are monitored closely.

If your pet ever has a seizure you should always contact your veterinary surgery immediately.

In the meantime you can best help your pet by:

  • Switching off the lights
  • Keeping the environment quiet and calm
  • Avoiding restraining him / her
  • Removing anything they could bang against

Please remember that you can call us on 020 8319 3033 if you are at all concerned about your pet.

Our dearest Dunya

Dunya TAC newsletter picThis is Dunya, she belongs to our Nursing Assistant Jan at The Animal Clinic. Dunya came in the other week with cystitis. Jan had noticed that Dunya had been straining to pass urine, and her urine was also tinged with blood. Jan brought her in for a health assessment, and after a course of antibiotics, we are pleased to report that Dunya has much improved.

Easy rider

Ulisse TAC newsletter picShowing his shy side here is Ulisse, who came in recently for a post-operative check following his castration. We are pleased to report everything is going well. Ulisse however, is no ordinary dog; Ulisse is a biker dog, riding in a basket on the back of his Owner’s motorbike! Don’t worry though, Ulisse loves it very much!

He certainly is one cool rider!

Getting to the root of the problem

Jitsu 2These two photos show Jitsu, and were taken just four days apart- as you can see in the one above such a huge improvement. The below picture shows his retro bulbar abscess – swelling behind his eye was pushing it forward and causing severe inflammation.

Jitsu required emergency surgery with our vet Margit, who suspected that an infected tooth was responsible for Jitsu’s symptoms.

JitsuFortunately, surgery to remove the offending tooth and release the pressure caused by the pus building up behind the eye was successful.

As you can see Jitsu looks so much better now and is a great deal happier, as you can imagine!

Just like ours, your pet’s teeth will naturally accumulate plaque, and if it is not regularly removed, the surrounding gums will become red and swollen and teeth can become loose and infected, just like Jitsu’s.

It’s never too late to implement good dental hygiene for your pet, and our nurses would be only too happy to share some tips and techniques with you for establishing a regular dental care routine at home.

You can call them direct on 0208 319 3033.

Lovely Louie

LouieSeen here with our nurse Georgina, Louie had been suffering from back pain, which had made him reluctant to jump. Investigative X-rays found several areas of spondylosis – in other words, Louie is suffering from arthritis of the spine.

Louie will need to be treated regularly with anti-inflammatories, and care must be taken with his exercise regime – which unfortunately means none of the rough play that he loves. Hopefully Louie will be feeling more comfortable very soon, and that rough play can be replaced with more cuddles instead!


  1. These are some great stories about what a little treatment can do. I like Jitsu’s story a lot. I think it’s crazy how an infected tooth was the root problem to an eye abscess. A little work and it looks great now. Thanks for the stories and pictures.

  2. I love hearing about stories where animals get saved by people with good souls. They hit me right in the feelers every time. I love my dog, I am not sure what I would do without him, he is my best friend. He has had a few seizures though, and I want to get him taken care of. Besides these tips you shared, is there anything besides taking him to the vet that I can do?

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