Monthly Archives: October 2014

Life saving and heartwarming stories from Streatham Hill Vets

We have some amazing stories for you all to enjoy. Our dedicated teams have spent so much time with their constant care and attention to all the wonderful pets that come through our surgery doors. Whether the stories have been life-saving, have touched us with their wonderful blend of bravery, or the pet themselves showing […]

Does your pet have Arthritis? What you need to know

What is Arthritis? Arthritis is a painful condition affecting any, and usually multiple, joints.  It is most common in older animals as joints become worn and damaged, and the body is less able to repair itself.  It is this damage that is responsible for the chronic pain and restricted joint function that could spoil your […]

10 top tips to help you cope with fireworks night…..

We have the best 10 top tips to help you cope with fireworks night… Whether your furry family members have issues with certain noises and end up cowering at the sound of a loud bang or pop.  Or perhaps they have a bit of a tendency to hide themselves under the furniture with all that […]