Monthly Archives: March 2019

Poisoned Pups, Cats Eyes, and Life Saving Scans. All in a Days Work For Our Hard Working Vets!

Keep Those Sweets Out Of Reach! This sweet mini schnauzer, Stella was rushed into our Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery as she gobbled up some chewing gum. The dangerous ingredient in this is Xylitol. It’s an artificial sweetener that can cause liver failure in dogs. We had to induce vomiting straight away before it was digested. […]

Dodgy Knees, Lucky cats and a life saving heart scan!

Lucky Puskas Today we had Puskas in who is a lovely patient of ours who has had a condition called hyperthyroidism, or an over-active thyroid, controlled well for years. Lately, our vet detected that Puskas has a heart murmur so we did a scan of her heart today to find she has a little blood […]

Multi-Award Winning Vets and our Pet Patients!

Best UK small surgery is… Lakeview Vets! CONGRATULATIONS TO US!!! Double Award win for Lakeview Vets! We won, we are officially the UK’s Best Small Practice AND Best UK Vet 2019 Bronze winner! Thank you to everyone who left such lovely reviews we are now multi-award winning! Spot the Dog This lovable bundle is 14 […]

A Cheeky Cat, Hearts, Hips and Teeth! Phew what a week for our London Vets

Naughty Ken What Have You Eaten?! We had the handsome Ken visit our Blackheath Surgery because his owner noticed he wasn’t eating. Our vet Seohee performed an ultrasound and could see that Ken had something stuck in his intestines. Our vet Matt got to work straight away to remove this foreign object which turned out […]