A Celebrity Visitor, Halloween Pets And Other News Across Our Group

News From Our Vets

The haunted week of Halloween has come to an end and we are very happy that many spooky pets visited our team and brought the Halloween spirit to our surgeries!

Have You Heard Of Parvovirus ?

This little cutie Marvin unfortunately was diagnosed with parvo virus last week. 😢

It is a highly contagious disease that affects unvaccinated dogs, often puppies. It attacks the cells in their gastrointestinal tract so they are unable to absorb vital nutrients. This means they will become very weak and dehydrated.

This horrible infectious disease has a very high mortality rate, but after a very long week of intensive care from our fantastic team,
🌟💪this little superstar Marvin was able to go home to his lovely family.🌟 💪

Signs of parvo virus can include:

* foul-smelling bloody diarrhoea
* lethargy
* vomitting
* inappetance

It is so easy to protect your dog from parvo virus, just with a simple course of vaccinations💉, updated throughout their life. These vaccinations are included on our VIP plan! If you would like to discuss vaccinations 💉

Our team are more than happy to help!

A New Addition To Our VIP Family

We all fell in ❤ with marvellous Monty who visited us today for his second vaccination, flea and lungworm prevention AND he signed up for puppy classes and our Little VIP Plan! What an absolute⭐such a big day for such a little fella! We cannot wait to see him next week for his kennel cough vaccine… we hope he has forgiven Dane the vet by then!🤞

A Halloween Dental

🎃 Lovely Roy came in to have a Dental procedure with a scale and polish! 👻

🎃 He was very well behaved and came around very quickly from his operation and it was a pleasure having him today. 👻

🎃 Dental hygiene is extremely important and we must help our pets take care of their teeth. 👻

There are many ways to do this and we would he happy to go through anything you are not sure about.

We hope you all had a spooooktacular evening and a 🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃

A Visit From A Celebrity

Our wonderful vet Alek had a bit of a celebrity in!!

Congratulations from Lakeview to 👑🎉🐾 Newly crowned Show Champion Bilboen Great Dragons Spy…otherwise known as..Ed 😀

He will be representing Team UK in Holland next month!!
Congratulations to his owners and Breeder who comes and gets her dogs tested at our regular Breeder Clinics

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