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Spring-time hazards for your pets..

The best way to ensure your pet is safe from cleaners is to lock them somewhere well away until you’re done with the blitz. If the weather is nice, your furry friend will be quite content spending a couple of hours in the garden. Please note: Even ‘green’ cleaning products can be harmful to your […]

10 top tips to help you cope with fireworks night…..

We have the best 10 top tips to help you cope with fireworks night… Whether your furry family members have issues with certain noises and end up cowering at the sound of a loud bang or pop.  Or perhaps they have a bit of a tendency to hide themselves under the furniture with all that […]

10 Top Tips to keep your pets healthy in Summer

10 Top Tips to keep your pets healthy in Summer Now that summer is in full swing and we are spending more time outdoors we have some timely advice to keep your pets in top shape 1. Stock up on Creepy Crawly treatment Summer is often the time that parasites are at their worst. Not […]

Tips for keeping your pets safe at Christmas and the winter months to come..

Christmas is a wonderful time of year – Here are some tips for keeping your pets out of danger and enjoying the festive season.   We hope you are getting your house filled up with tasty treats for Christmas but did you know many of these can be poisonous to your pets?  For example, chocolate […]

What’s new from the London Vet Show?

Several of our vets went to the London Vet Show at Olympia. As well as going to lectures we noted several innovations which we hope will benefit our patients – Microchip Cat Feeders – We have been waiting for these for the last few years and they be with us very soon. They are cat […]