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Fixing fractures, blocked bladders and a duck… a week in the world of London Vets

Beautiful Gracie’s big orthopaedic op! She had a large orthopaedic operation with our brilliant surgeon Gabriella. Poor Gracie broke her tibia (shin bone), resulting in a spiral fracture and heavy bruising. To repair it Gabriella placed pins through the bones and placed an external fixator (leg brace). This will re-align the bones and keep them […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… broken tails, holidays and plenty of cuddles!

CiCi the fun loving boxer Cici was lame on her front leg which we were investigating by taking x-rays. But while under anaesthetic our surgeon Gabriella noticed she had Ectopic cilia. This is when some of the eyelashes grow inwards and rub against the eyes. As you can imagine this would be quite painful for […]

Patient stories from Streatham Hill Vets

AAA Star! Mischievous Rocky was rushed in to see us last night after swallowing a AAA battery. We took an X-ray, which confirmed that he had indeed swallowed it whole. Fortunately for Rocky the battery was intact – as you can see from the x-ray – as any leakage could have been fatal. Rocky (or […]

Sweet treats, a scarlet lady and Eric the Schnauzer. Another interesting week at the vets!

Sweet Toffee Gorgeous Toffee came in to our Mitcham Vets for her first kitten check with us! She’s absolutely stunning and so friendly! She was a joy to have around, and was so good during her examination ❤️ Toffee is a lovely and healthy kitty and we will next see her for the monthly weight check […]

Pet Smile Month and Freja the Ferret!

Freja the Ferret! Meet Freja, here giving our Streatham Hill vet, Eleanor, a little nuzzle! 😍 Freja came in to visit us today for a Suprelorin implant. When female ferrets come into season, they will stay in season until they are mated. If this doesn’t happen, this can cause complications for the ferret such as […]

Khaleesi the buzzard will fly again and other great stories from London Vets

Khaleesi will fly again! Meet Khaleesi. She is a Common Buzzard, possibly from Scandinavia (due to her very light colouring), she was found by Briar House Veterinary Surgery’s fantastic vet Enrico. Enrico was flying his Falcon in the countryside on Sunday and found her on the floor with a broken wing and wound from being […]

Foreign Bodies, a Turtle and a lot of Pet Cuddles… Lucky London Vets!

Naughty Alfie and the fruit stone This is Alfie. He came to our Blackheath Vets earlier in the month with vomiting and was unable to keep his food down. After a few days in the practice he wasn’t showing any signs of improvement so an ultrasound scan was performed by our vet Seohee. Seohee detected […]