Kennel Cough, Dental Diseases And Much More In This Week’s News Across Our Group

🐾Marvellous Monty visited us again today for his kennel cough vaccination! 🐾

💚Kennel cough is a highly contagious group of respiratory infections (bordetella bronchiseptica and Parainfluenza) and the best way to protect your dog is to vaccinate annually.
💚Kennel cough vaccine is not 100% effective but usually reduces the symptoms. If your dog is sociable, has a dog walker, goes to doggy daycare or uses boarding kennels it is advisable to have the vaccination.
💚It is not just for those dogs that go into kennels.

Monty was so brave and had clearly forgiven Dane as he even allowed him to clip his claws after the vaccination was given. We believe it is important to protect your dog against all preventable infections, which is why we include the kennel cough vaccination as part of our VIP Healthcare Plan.

Our Clinical News

Another interesting week gone by and our wonderful vets were busier than ever! For many of our surgeries, November is Pet Smile Month and we are offering Free Dental checks and Huge dental discounts. So, find your preferred surgery, book your free dental appointment and let’s get that bright smile back on! 😁

Pet Smile Month

💚This sweetheart is Princess 😻

🦷Princess came in today for a Dental Procedure, taking advantage of our fantastic Pet Smile Month.

🦷Just like humans, our pets are prone to plaque build up, and if your pet’s teeth are not regularly brushed this can lead to tarter build up and gingivitis 🙀 This in turn can cause dental disease! Dental disease can be very painful and if left untreated can lead to other problems within the body😿

🦷During the month of November we are offering free dental checks and 15% off dental procdures, dental products and dental food as part of our Pet Smile Month 🎉

🦷If you would like to book your pet in for a free dental check please call the surgery on 020 8674 3525 or book online!

Regis’ Wound

Regis with not a care in the world.

This beautiful Bengal boy, Regis, has been in recently when his owner noticed a wound on the inside of his leg. Poor Regis unfortunately had to stay with us so his wound could be stitched up.

As you can see, Regis was not bothered what so ever about being here and received lots of TLC whilst chatting away to us. Here he is having a well deserved cuddle with Courteney.

Such a lovely, very vocal boy! Typical Bengal😻

Does Your Dog Need A Dental?

Tori came in for a FREE dental health check as part of our pet smile month.
Upon examination our vet advised he would need a dental. His owners booked him in and today he had 11 teeth removed. In the pictures above, you can see the before and after pictures of Tori. He will require soft food for a little while and a post op check in 3 and 10 days but will soon be back to his happy self.

Dental Disease Symptoms include:
🦷 Bad breath
🦷 Discoloured Teeth
🦷 Trouble eating
🦷 Bleeding gums
🦷 Weight loss

If your pet has any of the symptoms above, then book your Free Dental Checkup in one of our surgeries and we will get that bright smile back on!

A Very Brave Boy

This super sweet older boy is Mylo. He came to see us because he had some very large lumps on the sides of his body. Tests showed these were just fatty lumps or Lipomas. Lipomas are formed purely from fat.

They are not cancerous or harmful and are very common in older dogs Usually we leave these alone as they are very slow growing and do not cause a problem. Occasionally – as in Mylo’s case, they grow very large and can affect how an animal is able to move.

So our Vet Kate performed a surgery to remove the biggest of these lumps. She removed almost 1.5kg of fat in total! Mylo is doing well and is a lot more comfortable He is a very sweet boy who has been a pleasure to take care of!

If you are concerned that your pet has a lump, pop down to our surgery and our vets will be happy to welcome you and provide a standard gold level of care to your precious pets!

A Reunion That Comes With A Fracture

This pretty kitty is Eden 🐱

Poor Eden was missing for a week, once he returned home his owner noticed that he was limping, so they brought him in to be seen by our brilliant vets Mark and Jenny.

We took some x-rays and found that Eden has a fracture in one of his toes. He now has a nice bright bandage with a splint to help the fracture to heal and we will see him again in a few days to see how he’s doing. 🦴

He’s such a lovely cat and we wish him a super speedy recovery 🐾 💚

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