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Amazing Weekly News Across Our Group

Rabbit Awareness Week Today is the last day of Rabbit Awareness Week! This year’s theme was “Protect & Prevent”, which aims to encourage rabbit owners to vaccinate their rabbits! Another important issue that affects the welfare of pet rabbits is the lack of enrichment in their environment. Rabbits are active, intelligent and social animals who […]

Meanwhile in a vet surgery near you… Incredible orthopaedic surgery, laser therapy and a cyst removal, from a genius!

Patches cruciate repair Patches, pictured below with our nurse Jill, had a very complicated surgery called a TTA with our highly skilled surgeon Gabriella at Streatham Hill Vets. She was in for her first post op check up and we are delighted to see that she is doing brilliantly. She is bearing weight already and […]

Our tips to keep your pets safe this Autumn

Autumn is a season of great change, but did you know that many of the lovely things we associate with AutumnĀ  are harmful and sometimes stressful to our pets? Our top tips offers some advice on how to help your pets stay calm through fireworks season and the hazards to watch out for over the […]

10 Top Tips to keep your pets healthy in Summer

10 Top Tips to keep your pets healthy in Summer Now that summer is in full swing and we are spending more time outdoors we have some timely advice to keep your pets in top shape 1. Stock up on Creepy Crawly treatment Summer is often the time that parasites are at their worst. Not […]