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Kiki’s Findings, Cherry Eyes And More Interesting Cases From Our Vets

Another busy week came to an end and our lovely pet patients benefited from our vets’ exceptional care and cuddles! Our amazing teams welcomed all pets with a smile and some treats and were always on hand to help! What A Great Neutering Day! Neutering day was a great success day on Monday again 🐱🐱🐱 9 […]

Lungworm (An Infographic)

Heatstroke In Dogs

Now that the weather is finally warming up for Summer, we need to be careful that our furry friends don’t over-exert themselves in the heat. Heatstroke is very common in dogs, particularly in the brachycephalic (‘squashed face’) breeds as they have more difficulty in oxygenating themselves properly when they exercise, however all dogs are at […]

Some Tips To Help Combat The Heat And Other Incredible News Across Our Group

Summer heat is definitely on this week and our pets need extra care to survive warm weather. Make sure that your pets have access to fresh water and cool areas especially when you are playing and exercising outdoors. Leaving your pets in cars on hot days is not recommended as this is a well-known cause […]

Best Spring Moments Across Our Group

Tilly The Superstar! 🌟😻 A couple of weeks ago, a beautiful cat named Tilly came to our Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery to have stones removed from her kidney. Cat’s kidneys are about 4-6 cm in size. The stone that was found in Tilly’s kidney was a whooping 8 mm. It was a very intricate and […]

A Gold Level Cat Friendly Status, A Dog Show And The Amazing Weekly Highlights Across Our Group

Gold Level Cat Friendly Status Exciting News For Our Team! Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery has been awarded the Cat Friendly Clinic Gold Level Status by International Cat Care. The ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation is an internationally-recognised award. It means that we have met criteria to help minimise stress to your cat in our clinic.  By undertaking cat friendly […]

Amazing Weekly News Across Our Group

Rabbit Awareness Week Today is the last day of Rabbit Awareness Week! This year’s theme was “Protect & Prevent”, which aims to encourage rabbit owners to vaccinate their rabbits! Another important issue that affects the welfare of pet rabbits is the lack of enrichment in their environment. Rabbits are active, intelligent and social animals who […]