Another busy week came to an end and our lovely pet patients benefited from our vets’ exceptional care and cuddles! Our amazing teams welcomed all pets with a smile and some treats and were always on hand to help! What A Great Neutering Day! Neutering day was a great success day on Monday again 🐱🐱🐱 9 […]

Now that Summer has come to an end, we can say with certainty that it was one of the best for our vets! We had so much fun and our wonderful vets were always on hand to provide gold level care to our four-legged friends! Post-op Smiles This gorgeous boy is Reggie! 😍Reggie was suffering from […]

Autumn is a season of great change, but did you know that many of the lovely things we associate with Autumn  are harmful and sometimes stressful to our pets? Our top tips offer some advice on how to help your pets stay calm through fireworks season and the hazards to watch out for over the […]

We understand that your time is precious and this is why we are extremely happy to announce a new, exciting and time saving feature; Online Booking!! 🙌 You can now benefit from easy and quick bookings at your finger clicks! Simply go to our surgery’s website, Facebook page or Google and book an appointment in […]

1.They Are Everywhere Most animals pick up fleas from the environment, so your pet doesn’t have to have contact with another animal to catch fleas. Because of central heating, fleas can also live and breed indoors through the winter months, so using preventative treatments is necessary all year round. In particular, flea eggs can live […]

Did you know that up to 50% of pets over three years old are suffering with dental disease? Dental disease is one of the most common problems we see in veterinary practice and can cause significant pain and suffering to our little friends. Poor dental hygiene can lead to bad breath, infection, pain and the […]