Our dedicated teams constantly amaze us with the unwavering care and attention they devote to all the wonderful pets that come through our surgery doors. We have had some interesting cases over the last few months that we would like to share with you all. Whether the stories have been life-saving, fascinating or have simply touched […]

It is important for vet surgeries to keep up to date with the latest developments in veterinary care. Like human medicine, veterinary medicine is progressing quickly and so we always attend the British Small Animal Veterinary Association’s Congress, which is the largest small animal congress in Europe. Here are some of the highlights from this […]

Babesiosis – what is it? Babesiosis is a potentially serious malaria-like illness and is one of the most dangerous tick-transmitted diseases in dogs. The disease spreads in a similar way to how humans catch malaria from mosquitoes. The disease has recently been found in the UK and is expected to spread from its current focus in Essex. What to […]

It seems that the tragedy of Cecil the lion has inflamed the conscience of the world on animal rights issues with people all over the social media sphere venting their outrage in various forms. However, perhaps this is just the tip of an iceberg of events and causes. Indeed, there seems to a huge number […]

Summer is here, and we have some wonderful highlights to enjoy, Wimbledon Tennis, festivals, walks in the park, lazing in your sun-soaked garden, and of course the weather! But with the lovely warm weather, there also comes some unexpected visitors! Whilst it’s an undeniable pleasure to own a pet, it’s also a choice which comes […]

Help your older cat become an exercise ‘ace’ during Wimbledon Fortnight. With Wimbledon fortnight upon us once again, why not join in the spirit of summer sport and help your senior cat get in shape and stay healthy? Cats enjoy lazing around soaking up the heat and it is also the perfect time for them […]

Use the Wimbledon fortnight to ‘rally’ your senior dog’s exercise regime As the masses descend upon SW19 once again for two weeks of tennis, why not get caught up in the sporting atmosphere and help to keep your senior dog fit and healthy? Your four legged friend probably won’t be serving up aces as the […]