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Tails from Wimbledon Vets

Our dedicated teams spend so much time with their constant care and attention to all the wonderful pets that come through your local veterinary surgery doors. Whether the stories have been life-saving, have touched us with their wonderful blend of bravery, or the pet themselves showing us their fantastically unique characters we love posting about […]

Briar House Wins Best UK Vet 2018

We are so so proud and honoured that our Kent surgery, Briar House Veterinary Surgery has been crowned Best UK Vet 2018! This award is open to 3,500 surgeries across the UK and we won, what an amazing achievement! Check out all of the photos from the day. Thanks to the support of our wonderful clients […]

Top three Easter hazards for your pets

Chocolate One of the biggest dangers over Easter, especially for dogs, is chocolate. With your home probably stuffed full of Easter eggs it is extremely important to keep them out of eating reach of your pets. A tiny chunk is likely to be ok, but anything more could be a problem especially if they have also […]


If your dog is over the age of 8 you may be surprised to know that they are regarded as “senior”. The age creeps up quickly and this is the time when it is essential to take really good care of your dog. There are lots of ways to keep them healthier for longer and […]

Our top 10 tips to care for your senior cat – Tip 1 Know their habits

If your cat is over the age of 8 you may be surprised to know that they are regarded as “senior”. Crossbreed cats in the UK have an average life expectancy of 14 years this represents at least six years of caring for an elderly pet! If your beloved pet is slowing down, losing weight […]

Streatham Hill Vets at Tooting Common Dog Show 2017

Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery team really enjoyed the annual dog show at Tooting Common this weekend. Our team love taking part in this dog show, it is always a well-organised fun day filled with treats and of course prizes for the winners. Our Head Nurse Lauren was delighted to be asked to judge one of […]

Dental disease and dental discounts

Dental disease is one of the most common problems we see in veterinary practice. It affects over 87% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of three. Like human teeth, there are a variety of causes and well as different degrees of severity of dental issues. The most common problem we see in […]