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Exciting New Developments at BSAVA 2016

It is important for vet surgeries to keep up to date with the latest developments in veterinary care. Like human medicine, veterinary medicine is progressing quickly and so we always attend the British Small Animal Veterinary Association’s Congress, which is the largest small animal congress in Europe. Here are some of the highlights from this […]

Babesiosis tick disease what are the risks?

Babesiosis – what is it? Babesiosis is a potentially serious malaria-like illness and is one of the most dangerous tick-transmitted diseases in dogs. The disease spreads in a similar way to how humans catch malaria from mosquitoes. The disease has recently been found in the UK and is expected to spread from its current focus in Essex. What to […]

Spring-time hazards for your pets..

The best way to ensure your pet is safe from cleaners is to lock them somewhere well away until you’re done with the blitz. If the weather is nice, your furry friend will be quite content spending a couple of hours in the garden. Please note: Even ‘green’ cleaning products can be harmful to your […]

How to care for your bunny..

It’s Rabbit Awareness Week running from the 9th-17th May, so it’s time to start thinking about bunnies… With Spring just sprung, our lovely bunny friends are everywhere, aren’t they? With Easter now behind us we saw so many cute stuffed toys on the shelves, chocolate shaped rabbits in your basket and bunnies gracing the front […]

10 Top Tips to keep your pets healthy in Summer

10 Top Tips to keep your pets healthy in Summer Now that summer is in full swing and we are spending more time outdoors we have some timely advice to keep your pets in top shape 1. Stock up on Creepy Crawly treatment Summer is often the time that parasites are at their worst. Not […]