A Heart-warming Story, An Extraordinary Patient And More Incredible Stories From Our Vets

Another exciting week has come to an end and we had many interesting and unusual cases. Our most unusual yet magnificent patient of the week was Beast, a Harris Hawk, and our team was excited to see and treat such an amazing creature!

Amazing Dog Tricks

Check out how cute she is!!!😍

This lovely Cavapoo, Bonnie, came for her annual vaccination but she wanted to show us her tricks! 🥰

All the clients and our team were really impressed by her skills! She was amazing and we can’t wait to see her again for more tricks and treats of course! ❤❤❤

Chloe, A Star Patient!

This gorgeous girl is Chloe!🌸 She came in today to see the lovely Kate who not only neutered her, but also performed a BAL, meaning Bronchoalveolar Lavage.

This is done using our bronchoscope which allowed us to look into her lungs, flush a small amount of fluid down there and retrieve some samples to send off to our external lab!🔬

We loved having Chloe in for the day, giving her all the cuddles she’s deserved before, during and after her procedure💕

Such A Sweet Story!!

So this gave me goosebumps…. a stray cat was handed to us on Thursday evening so we scanned her for a chip and located one. My heart sank to see an address in Oxfordshire but I rang the mobile attached to the account and you wouldn’t believe….🐱

Suki and her family had moved to the area 8wks ago where Suki managed to escape almost straight away. She had been missing an entire 8wks and I was just about to witness them being reunited!!!😍
The owners were SO ecstatic and Suki was obviously extremely comfortable being back in their arms.

Happy tears and big smiles all around xxx For anybody missing a cat, keep faith…. these things do happen!! 😍😍😍

Ice’s Heartbeat

Lovely Ice came into our clinic for his regular ultrasound as he has Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. 🩺

Sometimes with this condition the heart is pumping too hard, so he’s on some medication that people use, called beta-blockers to try and slow it down.💊

As we can see, the medication is working because his heart is beating nice and slowly now and not being worked too hard anymore. Ice has been a most exemplary patient today❤️

An Unexpected Patient

Just ‘another’ day for Briar. Here is Beast receiving tip-top treatment for a broken wing. He was a hit with the staff who don’t often get chance to get so close and handle a Harris Hawk!🤩

Vet Max and Nurse Mikyler were on hand to assist our amazing Enrico with the procedure. 😍 Wishing you a speedy recuperation Beast 😍

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