What You Need To Know About Fireworks And Other Cases From Our Amazing Vets

πŸŽ† Fireworks season is truly upon usπŸŽ‡

Check out some useful tips from our wonderful vet, Eoghan, on how to help your little furry friends to cope with fireworks nights! πŸˆπŸ•πŸ‡

A Sneak Peak To Our Vets’ Busy Week

From treating liver diseases to respiratory problems, our incredible vets were available at all times to provide an excellent care to all our little furry patients.

A Busy Day For Streatham Hill Vets

Our dedicated teams are already busy at the hospital today! Beautiful little Eliza was brought in with breathing difficulties. Thanks to our experienced nursing team she was quickly back to her playful self and enjoying a lot of cuddles!

Weight Loss Fact You Need To Know!!


This handsome chap is a rescue pup. Once he had settled into his furrever home, his owner brought him into us for some advice on his weight. πŸΆπŸ‘

In February 2019 Skip weighed 12kg! For his size and breed, Skip’s ideal weight should be 8.5 – 9kg.

Did you know that dogs who are on a weight loss journey should lose 3-5% of their bodyweight a month. That’s equivalent to a human weighing in at 100kg aiming to lose around 4kg a month. πŸ’ͺ

Skip and his owner have worked closely with the nurses each month, to get him down to his ideal weight. 8 months later Skip weighs 8.8kg! πŸ˜

A massive well done to Skip and his owner for working together. Skip enjoys his walks, has lots of energy and still enjoys an occasional treat! πŸ’š

If your would like more information regarding your pets weight, then please do not hesitate to give us a call or book in for a weight check with one of the nurses.

A Fracture In Tibia Bone

This super cuddly little angel is Rosie. She came to see our vet Viraf as she has had some pain in her knee.

Xrays showed that she has managed to fracture her tibia bone. These are very difficult fractures to repair surgically and will often heal by themselves

The treatment plan will be strict rest and pain relief. We will xray her again in a few weeks to see how this is healing

Smudge’s Liver Disease

Check out this looker!
This is beautiful Smudge who had a few days stay at Hotel Briar House.

Unfortunately, Smudge has liver disease but she felt much better after a few days of fluids and medications. While in hospital, we also performed an ultrasound to view her abdominal organs and their function in a non-invasive way.

Being silver level of β€˜cat friendly’ Smudge stayed in β€˜penthouse’ accommodation which suited her personality down to the ground!

It’s lovely to see this picture of her back on form at home. She was such a doll to nurse and we are very glad we could make her feel better! Love you Smudge xxx

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