Weekly Highlights Across Our Group

Another busy week for our vets! The weather is back to normal, but many pets still needed our team’s expertise and skills! As always, our incredible vets were happy to help and to benefit from cuddles and kisses with our cute patients!

Eyna’s Lap Spay

This gorgeous canine is Eyna who stayed with us this morning for her Laparoscopic Spay procedure; which was performed by our head Vet Alan!

Eyna is an Irish Wolfhound, one of the largest dog breeds we see! We are pleased to report that her anaesthetic and surgery went very well; with a little bit of adaption for her size and our usual great team work! 😀❤️ 🐾

Lap Spay (keyhole surgery) is a minimally invasive surgery in which a laparoscope (camera) is used that allows for greater surgical accuracy. The recovery is faster and there is up to 65% less post-surgical pain. Our team has extensive experience in keyhole surgery and we have performed hundreds of successful lap procedures.

If you need any further information, please contact us and our team will be happy to answer all your questions! 🤗

The Cutest Explorer

Meet the gorgeous 12 week old Wilfred who came in to see us today for a general check up, although very nervous at first after a few treats and cuddles he was exploring the waiting room🐶🥰

Health Checks Are Important

Indy visited us at Manor to see our wonderful vet Peter for a routine booster. While under examination it developed into a consult as we normally do for a health check, to find out that he’s had a bit of an upset stomach.

Peter has advised for a bland diet for a couple of days. Bland diets are great for settling upset stomachs but not a long term solution as you can starve your pet if essential nutrients. 

#Tongueout Dental Day

This super sweet little boy is Peppi. He came to see us for some dental treatment. He has a heart murmur so, before we gave him an anaesthetic, we wanted to make sure it was safe to do so and Viraf performed an echo (heart ultrasound) first.
Everything looked good so we went ahead with his surgery!

He spent the day having kisses with Sarah, helping in reception, and poking his tongue out at Viraf who was only too happy to do the same!

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