Exciting Weekly Highlights Across Our Group

It may not feel very hot yet, but Summer is definitely approaching and we just can’t wait to enjoy long walks with our lovely pets under the sun, plan day trips by the sea and see the sun shining all day (hopefully😂)!

One thing that we must keep in mind, is that we should protect our furry friends from hot weather! Summer is when fleas and worms are desperately trying to find a new home, so it is important to keep your pet’s flea and worm treatment up to date. In addition, our pets need to cool down in warm days and be hydrated at all times!

But how can we protect our precious friends? Check the video below, in which one of our vets, Dane, gives some tips on how to keep your pets cool during the heat!

Let’s Move To Our Clinical News

It was an amazing week for our surgeries despite the short week. Streatham Hill Vets and Briar House were open on the Bank Holiday (as usual) and we were very happy that our committed and dedicated vets were available to help all the animals from South London to Kent! From infections to blood pressure checks and air gun accidents, our vets covered it all and the animals were sent home healthy and happy!

Saving Amy From A Nasty Infection

Sweet Amy had a horrible wound on her leg that needed surgical repair. 
We still don’t know what exactly happened to this little lady, possibly a dog bite resulting in an abscess that burst.

We could not repair it straight away instead we had to wait for the infection to pass. We put her on a strong course of antibiotics and cleaned the wound regularly. Next our surgeon Gabriella sutured it closed while including a penrose drain. The drain is a thin strip of latex which encourages any exudation to run out.

As you can see from the photos below it’s healed beautifully over time. Just a few more checks ups before Amy has the all clear 🥳

Is Max Suffering From Feline Hypertension?

This golden oldie is Max who had his blood pressure checked with our nurse Lizzy, and student nurse Ellen provided cuddles & support for Max during the procedure. 

Feline hypertension is quite commonly seen in overweight cats or in cats over 8 years old. Usually, owners are unaware of the issue and hypertension goes undiagnosed in most cases. There are some symptoms that you can look out for, such as problems with vision, seizures and fainting episodes.

Checking blood pressure is a non invasive procedure which gives a good indication of your pets blood flow and kidney function.  There are various ways of checking blood pressure and the method shown here is the most accurate technique although does take the most time. 

Max was very good for this procedure and we are pleased to report his blood pressure was in normal range ❤

Charli’s Lucky Escape

Poor brave Charli came in today as she’s been shot with an air gun 💔Our excellent vet Isaco took x-rays of her abdomen to get the precise location of the pellet, and then performed an exploratory laparotomy and removed it safely.

Charli was incredibly lucky as there was no damage to any of her organs! 😌 She’s now recovering from anaesthetic and receiving lots of well-deserved TLC from our team. We will see Charli again in a couple of days to see how she’s doing and we wish her a speedy recovery! 🙌

Greta Survived The Fall

This is adorable Greta and one of our new clients. Poor little Greta had a not so good start in Corfu as someone threw her of a cliff into the sea and ended up with a broken leg. 😥 She was spotted by a passerby who took her to an animal charity in Corfu where the fractured leg was repaired. 👍

She has now found a fabulous home over here. She came to see us a couple of days ago as Greta had started to limp and also developed an infected pressure sore near the op site. Our vet Kate admitted her for the day to take x rays on her healing fracture repair and to check if the infection was also in her repaired bone.

Thankfully this is not the case and Greta should be back to her own self with a course of antibiotics and pain relief. This adorable bundle stole our hearts today as she is most loving and gentle creature one could wish for. 💚


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