Does Your Dog Snore, Grunt Or Wheeze? Could Your Dog Be At Risk Of BOAS Syndrome?

Do you have a French or an English bulldog, pug or boxer? Does your dog snort, grunt, wheeze or struggle to breathe particularly after exertion or during hot weather? If yes, then your dog might be suffering from brachycephalic syndrome, which literally means short skull.

Brachycephalic Airway Obstructive Syndrome (BOAS), is a common but worrying condition in short nosed breeds. It can make dogs susceptible to skin infections, heart and eye problems, but the most serious threat to the welfare of our great friends is the struggle to breath. It needs your immediate attention because the condition can cause severe suffering and sometimes even death as the signs often go unnoticed.

At Streatham Hill Vets, we offer health assessment clinic led by our lead surgeon Gabriella Papa. Gabriella has extensive training and great experience in diagnosing and treating this condition successfully and has helped to improve the quality of life of dogs who have undergone treatment with her to rectify this worrying problem.

To find out more about BOAS, watch the video below and all your questions will be answered by our great vet, Gabriella! To book an appointment with us, just give our surgery a call!

Our Clinical Highlights

This week was very busy for all our surgeries and our incredible vets had a chance to show their skills and to help all our furry patients! Kittens, dogs and even newborn chicks came to visit us and to receive a high level of care from our vets and nurses!

Blocked Bladder: A Serious Condition That Often Goes Unnoticed

Handsome Jack came to us because he has been vomiting over the last few days and seemed a bit lethargic. His owner just thought that he had an upset tummy, but when our vet Isaco examined him he realised that his bladder was enlarged, hard and painful when touched πŸ˜’
It turned out that Jack’s urethra got blocked and he couldn’t pass urine, thus leading to toxins building up in his system, which made him feel unwell.
This condition is called feline lower urinary tract disorder and is very frequent in male cats. In some cases the cause is unknown, stress being a factor, and in other cases urinary crystals or bacterial infections can be the cause.
After running a blood test to make sure he would be fit for anaesthetic, we sedated him and placed a urinary catheter that would enable him to urinate πŸ™‚
He was then transferred to our sister branch Streatham Hill Vets where he will be looked after during the weekend β€οΈ

What Is Lungworm And How To Prevent It…

Here is Bridget with the very brave Jolly. πŸ€—
She has been diagnosed with Lungworm which is a very serious infection spread by snails and foxes. It is highly prevalent in south London and can cause pneumonia, vomiting, diarrhoea and bleeding problems. In some instances it can cause fits, strokes and can be fatal. πŸ€’πŸ₯Ί
Lungworm can be easily prevented with the use of medications such as Advocate spot on. This is included on our very popular VIP healthcare planπŸ‘Œ
We will be treating Jolly with medication and we wish her a speedy recovery! πŸ˜Š

Frasier’s Common And Treatable Heart Condition

Sweet Frasier came in to stay with us because he’s been feeling a bit more tired than usual after walks and playing around. We found Frasier has a heart murmur so performed an echocardiograph, or heart scan, today which shows that he has a bit of thickening of his mitral valve, one of the valves in the heart. πŸ–€

The mitral valve is a valve in the left side of the heart that is responsible for ensuring blood is flowing properly throughout the heart and then around the body. In some dogs, it can become thickened and not work properly, which means that blood will flow back and forth in the heart rather than just forward. This can lead to the heart stretching which can cause problems, and eventually the heart stretches so much that it cannot push the blood adequately around the body anymore, meaning that blood will fill up in the heart and also in the lungs. This can cause dogs to feel a bit tired, lethargic, struggle on long walks and eventually start coughing. 😷

While this is a common condition in many dogs, it can be treated with some medication which will hopefully mean Frasier will be back to his normal fit self as soon as possible! Depending on how the heart and valves look, we can start the dogs on treatment. If the dog is clinically well, or not showing any signs of heart disease, we can start the dogs on some tablets that help the heart beat stronger so that they can stay free from any illness for as long as possible and maintain their good quality of life. If the heart is more diseased and they are quite sick, we can give them several tablets to improve their energy levels and stop their coughing to slow down the disease. πŸ’ŠπŸ€—

Dehydration? Fluids Are The Answer!

Gorgeous Isabella came to us feeling poorly with a dickie tummy! A morning of fluids and medications has already perked her up and she now needs a buster collar to stop her chewing her intravenous drip out! Fluids are delivered directly into the bloodstream via a vein in her front leg which is the quickest method of correcting dehydration πŸΆπŸ’•πŸΆπŸ’•

New Chicks In The Family

We have 2 guinea fowl chicks in with us πŸ˜ Lauren, our veterinary care assistant, is totally in love with them. Luckily they belong to our lovely vet Peter so she can’t steal them! They hatched on Sunday and are not feeding properly so we will be syringe feeding them and encouraging them to try their yummy chick crumb β˜ΊοΈ once they have learnt to peck and have started eating, they will be able to rejoin their siblings πŸ˜


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