May is Feline Hypertension Month Along With All the latest news across our group

May is Hypertension month and our group of surgeries is proud to support Feline Hypertension Awareness! 😻

Hypertension basically means high blood pressure. If your cat’s blood pressure is over 180, then they have hypertension. Feline hypertension is quite commonly seen in overweight cats or in cats over 8 years old.

Usually, owners are unaware of the issue and hypertension goes undiagnosed in most cases. There are some symptoms that you can look out for, such as problems with vision, seizures and fainting episodes.

In addition, there is a super easy and painless blood pressure check that detects blood flow in the arteries which indicates whether your pet is suffering from hypertension. To learn more about feline hypertension, click on the link and Steph will tell you everything you need to know!

And that’s not all! Throughout May, we are offering blood pressure checks with a nurse for cats over 8 years old for only £14!! 🙀 Call our surgeries to book an appointment so you can ease your worries and ensure that your furry friend is healthy! 📞 😸

Clinical news across our group

Last week couldn’t be more exciting for our hard-working vets! We had many interesting cases and our vets showed their admirable dedication and commitment to help the animals and to provide a first class care to all our furry clients!

A megaesophagus case

Fabulous Rony was brought in by his owner for some x-rays as he has been limping for a while, he has also been vomiting on and off so our vet Viraf decided to take some chest x-rays as well.
The first lot of x-rays confirm that Rony has arthritis and will be treated accordingly however the chest x-rays revealed that Rony has a Megaoesopagus which is a rare and unusual condition.

Megaoesophagus is a generalized enlargement of the oesophagus — a muscular tube connecting the throat to the stomach — with a decreased to absent motility. Oesophageal motility is required for moving food and liquid down to the stomach. This of course explains why Rony keeps vomiting. The treatment depends on the course but usually involves managing the condition by feeding at a height.
Rony will come back in a few days for further tests to find out why he has this condition and to find a suitable treatment for him.

An ear inflammation

Our beautiful VIP Archie was in to have his fluffy ears checked, as he’s been having some discomfort and scratching them often 😢Because of the pain, he would not allow anyone to touch his ears, but we managed to apply special antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops 🙌🏼
The course will be repeated in a week, and should hopefully ease Archie’s discomfort and allow us to do a thorough ear check to ensure the inflammation is gone  😄

Ear infections are a very common problem in domestic animals. The ear can be a good environment for bacteria and fungi to grow. Some of them live naturally in the ear and can grow in number if the ears are not cleaned often, and other can get there externally (for example if a dog swims in dirty water).

It’s important to clean our dog’s ears from time to time, to remove the excess wax. For that there are several products like ear wipes and ear cleaning solutions. 🐶
When the bacteria or fungi grow in number, they will cause harm to the ear and our dog will feel itch and pain, scratching his ear all the time, shaking the head and sometimes tilting it to one side. Any of these signs should make clients call us for an appointment. Also it is important to do this since puppies so that dogs are used to this and not fear it. 

The treatment of ear infections is usually topic, with drops and ointments that act locally, although sometimes the vet will give need to give and injection to reduce inflammation or antibiotic to fight an infection. If you are worried about a possible ear infection, then give our surgeries a call!

A crash and some broken bones

This sweet little boy is Louie. Poor Louie was playing and in his excitement crashed straight into a wall 🤦🏻‍♀️

Our vet Gabriella examined Louie and could feel broken bones between his eyes (frontal sinus). She took some xrays to see the extend of the damage. You can see in the x-ray the large bump above where it’s broken.

Luckily the displaced bone will not cause any serious problem for Louie and will heal in time. 
We’ve sent him home with some anti inflammatory and antibiotics for the open wound. We will be closely monitoring Louie to ensure that he is perfectly healthy!

We wish him a speedy recovery at home and look forward to seeing him back for his post op check ups. 💕

Athena vs Bee

This sweet little girl is seventeen week old Athena was bullied by a bee and got stung whilst playing in the park. 🐾🐝

As this sting is close to her eye it is always a good idea to seek veterinary care as sometimes the swelling can progress to a fully blown anaphylactic reaction. Athena is being treated with antihistamines and should be back to running around her favourite park in no time at all! 🐕

Dora And Francesca 🐾

Princess Dora came back this week to see us and spend a few more days at Hotel Mayow 🏨 while she recovered from pancreatitis, her treatment included lots of hugs, sitting on our laps and being hand fed 🤗,
alongside some pretty technical drugs of course 💉💊📈
Dora was a star patient ⭐️ who loves human company 💞and we are more than happy to share the love


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