Hernias, Scans, Dentistry and an Egg Bound Hen? No Problem for Our Super Hero Vets!

A Corner Vets Meme

This fluffy little girl is ‘Meme’ 💛 Meme came in to us today to be neutered (spayed) and have a small hernia repaired💕 She is doing really well after her surgery and is making sure she gets lots of cuddles and treats from all the vets, nurses and receptionist here at the Corner Vets 🐾💚🐶

Dentistry at Wimbledon Vets

This gorgeous girl is Zoe. She came to see us today to have her teeth cleaned. Zoe had some plaque build up and some wobbly teeth which required attention. She has recently found herself with a lovely new owner who is going to try and brush her teeth, which is the best way to keep them clean and avoid any future dental issues She has been a star patient with a little tail wag for everyone all day and we just love that beautiful face that now has beautiful teeth to match ❤️

Buddy’s at Streatham Hill Vets

This is the very handsome Buddy 😍 He came to see us today for an ultrasound of his abdomen, as his owners were concerned he was struggling to pass stools. Here he is with our brilliant vet, Ana, who has an advanced certificate in diagnostic imaging. She performed the ultrasound but unfortunately we couldn’t get a definitive answer today, so we’ll see him back for lots more cuddles and some further investigations soon! 🐕 We’ll all be lining up for our Buddy cuddles! ☺️

Egg Bound at Briar House Vets

How is this for an interesting case…. here is Button who was egg bound…. as you can see from the X-ray. Button’s owner thankfully noticed she wasn’t well and brought her to see Enrico who performed a celiotomy (surgery of the abdomen) to remove the egg! Button recovered really well and after a nights stay with us, she was fit to be discharged home 🐓 🥚 🥚 🐓 Happy Easter indeed!!! ☺️☺️☺️

Buffy and Rob at Mayow Vets

Buffy has got up to some mischief and managed to get a nasty cut on her leg. The cut required cleaning and some sutures to allow her wound to heal. 😻 She has been a super trooper and will be spending a few days with us while she recuperates.


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