Poisoned Pups, Cats Eyes, and Life Saving Scans. All in a Days Work For Our Hard Working Vets!

Keep Those Sweets Out Of Reach!

This sweet mini schnauzer, Stella was rushed into our Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery as she gobbled up some chewing gum.

The dangerous ingredient in this is Xylitol. It’s an artificial sweetener that can cause liver failure in dogs. We had to induce vomiting straight away before it was digested. We started Stella on liver and kidney supplements. She was put on fluid support over night and has had regular blood glucose checks.

After some repeat blood tests today we are happy with how she is doing but she’ll need close monitoring until we can give her the all clear.

To help her not miss home too much our vet Bridget is giving her a little cuddle 💕 Get well soon pretty girl.

Hope For Motley Cruella’s Sight

Our Wimbledon Veterinary Surgery had an unexpected visit from our friend, Motley Cruella. 🐱 She is a magnificent 14 year old cat that went blind, suddenly this morning. Our vet greeted her with some cuddles and then she performed a retinal examination, a bloods analysis and measured Motley’s blood pressure. The diagnosis is acute blindness which is caused by high blood pressure (hypertensive), thus we will treat her with some medication to reduce her blood pressure.

We recommend to check your pet with the vet twice a year and have a blood test and senior wellness screenings annually, just to make sure that your old friend is in great shape! 🤗

cat, wimbledon veterinary surgery, Wimbleodn, vets

Chewy, What A Cute Pup 🐾

Chewy came in to our Croydon Veterinary Surgery to brighten the surgery and our hearts. He is a small pup and our vets took good care of him! 🤗 He came in for neutering and microchip. Our vets, also, checked his ears and removed his baby teeth (deciduous canines). Fortunately, the only thing that we found was some ear mites, which is very common amongst pups like Chewy. We gave him ear drops (along with some treats) and we can’t wait to see him healthy and happy on Thursday!! 💕💕

Dog, Croydon Veterinary Surgery, Croydon, Vets

An Annual Booster Is Not Just A Vaccine

Lovely little lady Scamp visited out Mitcham Veterinary Surgery for her annual booster vaccination. During the thorough health check our amazing vet Isaco noticed that Scamp’s abdomen was swollen and painful to the touch 😔 Isaco took some bloods for testing and discovered that Scamp had elevated liver enzymes, we decided to take a closer look at her liver with an ultrasound. We were able to rule out free fluid in her abdomen, which is common in older dogs with liver problems. Isaco will continue to do diagnostic test so we can provide the best treatment.

An annual booster is not just a vaccination, our vets perform an extensive health check on your pet and its an opportunity to pick up on health issues just like Isaco did with Scamp. We’ll keep you posted on brave Scamp’s condition ❤️

Molly We Heart You!

Molly has been smothering our Vet Laura in kisses this afternoon during her heart check up at Manor Veterinary Surgery 😍 Molly has a heart condition that requires her mum to give her tablets every day. As with humans, dogs need regular heart check ups too, especially if they are taking medication for it. She doesn’t let it stop her from being a wiggly snog monster though!

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