Dodgy Knees, Lucky cats and a life saving heart scan!

Lucky Puskas

Today we had Puskas in who is a lovely patient of ours who has had a condition called hyperthyroidism, or an over-active thyroid, controlled well for years. Lately, our vet detected that Puskas has a heart murmur so we did a scan of her heart today to find she has a little blood clot starting to form in her heart. These can be fatal to cats if left untreated so luckily we can get her started on some medication to dissolve the clot as soon as possible!

Silver, The European Shorthair 🐾

Silver came in to see us after his owner noticed he had become a bit lame on one of his back legs. 😿 We decided that Silver would need some x-rays to find out exactly what was wrong. We discovered silver had torn his cruciate ligament. This ligament stabilises the stifle joint (the knee).🦴 Our wonderful vet Corrina performed surgery to repair the joint and ligament using a technique known as a lateral suture. We are glad to say Silver will be able to go home today with strict home rest. πŸ€— We will of course need to keep a close eye on him and will be seeing silver for regular check ups to make sure his recovery is going smoothly.

Norma’s Knee

Sweetie Norma was suffering with a luxating patella (dislocated knee cap). This happens when the patella is pulled out of the groove where it sits. Our talented surgeon Gabriella preformed surgery on Norma to repair this. She firstly deepened and widened the groove to better hold the patella. Also Gabriella preformed a tibial crest transposition. This is when we move where the patella is positioned slightly laterally to better slot in to the groove. We are delighted with how Norma is recovering, already she is putting weight on her leg πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Lucky’s Day at the Vet Spa

Little Lucky came in today as she had a problem with Matt build up πŸ˜“ The Matt’s weren’t extremely bad this time but left too long they can be a problem.. Matts are hard clumps of fur, which can accumulate with not grooming your animal often enough. It is easily forgotten, this is why we stress so much that brushing your cat or dog 😸 (Especially long haired breeds) is a very important part to your animals welfare. Long haired breeds every one to two days. Short haired breeds at least weekly. Below is a picture of Lucky and also the fur and matts we removed after day two of simple brushing and grooming! If you want any advice of what your cat or dog needs on a day to day basis, book a nurse appointment, in which we will happily go through any questions you may have 😊😊

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