Multi-Award Winning Vets and our Pet Patients!

Best UK small surgery is… Lakeview Vets!

CONGRATULATIONS TO US!!! Double Award win for Lakeview Vets! We won, we are officially the UK’s Best Small Practice AND Best UK Vet 2019 Bronze winner! Thank you to everyone who left such lovely reviews we are now multi-award winning!

Spot the Dog

This lovable bundle is 14 week old Milo who despite different treatments for diarrhoea still has persistent bouts. Our vet decided to ultrasound this little guy (On our brand spanking new ultrasound machine, lovingly called Gemma by our vet) to see if anything untoward showed up. He found a large intestinal lymph node and thickened guts which indicate that Milo could have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

This is quite rare in dogs this young but for starters we will put Milo on a dietary trial to see if he is sensitive to any particular foods before we decide on any other treatment.

The Vet and Her Pet Hen

Eleanor rescued three hens yesterday from a free range farm where they had come to the end of their “laying life” although they still provide eggs, they are no longer at their prime laying capacity. This one is a little dehydrated and is spending the day with us for some TLC and subcutaneous fluids. The other two are getting to know their new home and will be joining Eleanor’s three other rescue hens soon. 🐓🐣🥚

Stay Away From the Chocolate!

This little cutie visited us on Friday after eating some chocolate cake! As chocolate is poisonous to dogs, we did have to induce vomiting to ensure no damage would be caused by the chocolate. He enjoyed plenty of cuddles and went home a few hours later 💜

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