Four dogs and an African Grey Parrot! A fun filled week in our London Vets

Dental for Fitz

This precious boy is called Fitz. Today he was given an anaesthetic because he needed some dental work. Unfortunately he needed quite a few extractions. He was so brave on recovery and cuddles from our nurse Lizzy seemed to help make things all better ❤

Daisy’s Pet Passport

This is the very cute Daisy having a cuddle with our student nurse Rob Daisy visited our Croydon Vet Surgery for a Pet Passport, currently pets are required to have passports to go on Holiday as well 🏖️. Luckily for Daisy our vet Mark is a specially qualified vet able to issue Pet Passports. If you have questions regarding taking your pet abroad, and what may happen after Brexit, please contact us at the surgery and we will be more than happy to assist you and your fluffy friends.

Booja the Grey African Parrot

Our Mitcham Surgery saw this incredible patient the lovely Booja, who hasn’t been feeling well recently, and not eating 😢 Booja was so well-behaved for her check up and antibiotic injection, such a clever girl! 🥰 We wish her a speedy recovery!

Tiff the wonder Bichon Frise!

Meet Tiff a sweet little Bichon Frise who has been suffering with skin allergies for a long time. She recently had some pretty complex surgery at our Streatham Hill Vets surgery to have her ear canal removed. Tiff’s skin condition affected her ears and due to chronic infection her ear canal completely closed, making her ear sore and chronically infected. Her ear is now a lot better but she was still suffering with her skin condition, which was making her very sad.

Our Corner Vets saw Tiff last Friday and introduced a new revolutionary injection. It is designed specifically for dogs with multiple chronic allergies. We are over the moon to report that Tiff has a new lease of life! Her owners are overwhelmed to see the transformation in such a short time. She is happy, wagging her tail again and up to all her old tricks. We will see Tiff in a month to see if a repeat injection is needed. We are all so pleased for this special little girl!

Mikey’s dislocated hip

Meet Mikey, the lovable Staffy 🥰 Poor Mikey got hit by a car and was rushed into our Streatham Hill Surgery for treatment. After x-rays we discovered that his hip had popped out of place 😓 Our skilled surgeon Gabriella had to operate. She performed an open reduction of the hip luxation and stabilised with ileofemoral sutures. These sutures were placed through a bone tunnel made in the pelvis and femur. This technique will keep the hip in the correct place while scar tissue forms around the joint and further supports it.

Mikey will stay with us overnight after which he’ll be on Strict house rest at home while he recovers. Get well soon buddy!! 😘😘😘

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