Cheeky puppies, fabulous cats, hero nurses and a new vet!

Cheeky little puppy Ronald!

Ronald came in to our Streatham Hill Surgery after getting himself into a pub brawl with a much larger dog than himself 😥 Luckily his very brave mum was able to get him free and his only battle wound was a little cut on his neck.

Our vet Felicity was able to clean it up and put some staples in while he was distracted with lots of fuss from all the nurses!💕 He has been sent home with a fashionable turtle neck pet shirt, some antibiotics and pain relief. We all can’t wait to see him back in three days for more puppy love ❤️🐶

Humphrey’s blocked bladder emergency🐾

Humphrey has been making good use of his 9 lives, as he came in to our Mayow Veterinary Surgery as an emergency case with a blocked bladder. Unfortunately Humphrey’s bladder ruptured, causing urine to leak into his body cavity affecting his heart and kidneys. He was rushed straight in to emergency surgery. He has been back for two post operative checks and we are very happy with how he is recovering.

Cats can experience partial or complete urinary blockage and the signs can vary. A partial blockage, your cat may seem uncomfortable or in pain and spend excess time repeatedly going in and out of the litter box. You may notice them passing urine around the house or find small puddles of urine (sometimes bloody) in the litter box or unusual places. As the condition progresses to a full urinary blockage and your cat is unable to pass any urine, the signs will become more intense and your cat may experience life-threatening complications. It is common for a blocked cat to vomit, lose its appetite and become extremely lethargic.

Keats and Oscar the Burmese cats

These gorgeous Burmese cats are Keats & Oscar, who both stayed with our Animal Clinic Surgery today for their dental procedures. Luckily neither Keats or Oscar needed any extractions and had their teeth descaled & polished by our Vet Margit. They were both very well behaved all day and are pictured here just before being reunited with their owner this evening 😄 ❤️ 🐾

Not all heroes wear capes

Our wonderful nurse Jo was a total hero yesterday. Stevie an 11 year old bulldog was brought in to our Corner Veterinary Surgery collapsed, not breathing and blue. Realising there was probably something stuck, Jo managed to pull out the pigs ear that was blocking his airway.

Thanks to Jo’s quick thinking Stevie is absolutely fine! We think Jo is amazing and totally deserves these treats from Stevie’s grateful owners!

Welcome Isaco the vet!

What a great start for our new vet Isaco! 🥰 As you can see, Mitcham Veterinary Surgery’s adorable patients Bobbie, Marley & Jackson, and Bucky already love him, as do we! ❤️ Isaco is an amazing, friendly, and very experienced vet – we are absolutely delighted he’s joined our team and will help us continue to provide caring professional service to our lovely clients and patients! Welcome, Isaco! 🥳

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