Broken cat toes, big dogs, little dogs and a husky keyhole surgery…

Tough break!

This beautiful little boy is called Bago. He came into our Blackheath Surgery because his owner noticed he had cut his toe. After closer inspection by our head vet Alan, the wound was a lot more serious than we previously thought. The poor little boy had actually broken his toe.

Due to the extent of the damage, the only option was to amputate. He was such a brave little boy and didn’t seem at all bothered by his injuries.

He has recently come back in for his first post operative check and we are very pleased to say that the wound is healing really well and much of the swelling has already gone down as well.

Blackheath Vets Cat Broken toe

Happy birthday Buddy

Mitcham Vets, dogHandsome Buddy just had his first birthday a couple of days ago. Our Mitcham Surgery has known Buddy from when he was only a few kilos, now he is a whopping 60kg!!
It’s been a pleasure seeing him grow. He came in for his VIP 6 month check up and received lots of hugs and play time from the team and went on with his health check with a vet 😚 Because he is a big and heavy boy, Buddy has a swelling on his elbows from laying down on hard surfaces – it’s important to try and avoid that in large breeds.
Buddy has some steroids and we’ll see him next week to make sure the lumps aren’t getting any bigger.
Happy birthday Buddy!

Benji our superstar patient

Benji’s owners took advantage of Croydon’s amazing dental offers and had his teeth scaled and polished. We’ve attached a nice before and after shot so you can see the benefits for yourselves!
He’s now gone home with some toothpaste and a toothbrush to prevent his teeth from getting bad again in the future.

Arjun the Yorkshire Terrier 🐾

Mayow Vets, dogArjun came in to our Mayow surgery with his brother for their 6 month heath checks as part of their VIP plans.

As you can see Arjun was more than happy to tell Francesca all about his health concerns. 😘

The VIP health plan is an affordable way to keep your pet fit and healthy,

Speak to a member of the team for more information.

Beautiful Sky’s Keyhole Spay 💜

Streatham HIll Vets Lap Spay dogHaving a laparoscopic spay (Keyhole) instead of a regular spay means she had a less invasive surgery as it was performed “key hole” by our fantastic vet Gabriella🙌So she only has two very small incisions that will heal much faster!

Sky’s clever owners took up our offer of a lap spay for the same price as a regular spay – so it was big smiles all round! If you would like to know more about a lap spay and would like to take advantage of this offer, please give our Streatham Hill Surgery a call on 0208 674 3525.

We already can’t wait to see Sky’s smile again for her check ups!! 😁😋

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