Fixing fractures, blocked bladders and a duck… a week in the world of London Vets

Beautiful Gracie’s big orthopaedic op!

She had a large orthopaedic operation with our brilliant surgeon Gabriella. Poor Gracie broke her tibia (shin bone), resulting in a spiral fracture and heavy bruising. To repair it Gabriella placed pins through the bones and placed an external fixator (leg brace).

This will re-align the bones and keep them in place while they mend. Gracie will now be on strict cage rest for a few weeks to allow the fracture to heal undisturbed.

We all wish her a speedy recovery.

Lowri cuddling a Staffordshire Bull TerrierSweet Bianca lump check up

Bianca was in today for an FNA procedure. She was an absolute trooper and our amazing vet Lowri was able to take samples of Bianca’s lumps to be sent of to the lab.

We are awaiting results and will then be able to devise best treatment plan for lovely Bianca

Doing our bit for the local wildlife

This little duck is feeling a bit under the weather. She’ll be feeling better in no time thanks to our wonderful vet Laura.


Handsome Freddie

He has been at the practice with us as an inpatient for the past few days to manage his urethral obstruction (colloquially known as a blocked bladder). He seems to be improving and we are glad that we were able to send him home tonight to continue his medication at home.

We are awaiting some external lab results to help us choose the right home care plan to prevent him from blocking again in the future. Please see the link for further information about blocked bladders

Freddie the Black and White Cat

Say hello to Sasha, the beautiful Great Dane!

This gentle giant came in for x-rays and a nail clip today, and received lots of cuddles and attention from all our staff. Here she is with one of our fantastic vet nurses, Michelle!

Great Dane cuddling Vet Nurse Michelle

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