It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… broken tails, holidays and plenty of cuddles!

48356156_2016979108362610_8505646116514037760_nCiCi the fun loving boxer

Cici was lame on her front leg which we were investigating by taking x-rays. But while under anaesthetic our surgeon Gabriella noticed she had Ectopic cilia.

This is when some of the eyelashes grow inwards and rub against the eyes. As you can imagine this would be quite painful for poor Cici.

Gabriella intricately removed the inward facing eyelashes and destroyed the follicles to insure they do not regrow.

Cici seems to be feeling so much better now as she gets a goodbye cuddle from our care assistant Chloe ☺️


Hugo ready for his big holiday!

Dog, MItcham Vets, ChristmasLittle Hugo came in today all festive and ready for Christmas 🎅 he came in today for Rabies vaccination as he is going to go away for the Christmas holidays! What a lucky and brave boy he is. He had his injection without any fuss and was a star patient today!

If you do have any passport queries or of you are thinking of travelling with your pet, we would be happy to take you through the protocol, just give us a ring or email at the practice. Well done Hugo!


Francesca and Dennis!

48328497_1999961923374300_6821056966886948864_nDennis, the super handsome Bengal, came to spend the day with us today for x rays and a swab for culture sensitivity which has been sent to the lab.

Dennis has a wound on his toe that is not healing, the lab tests will show which type of bacteria is present and the best course of further treatment.

Dennis has been a star patient and has enjoyed lots of hugs 🤩


Merlin’s magical recovery

This is the handsome Merlin. He came in to the practice last week following a visit to the emergency clinic. He had a wound on his tail and had a tail fracture which resulted in nerve damage to the part of the tail below the fracture.

X-rays were taken to confirm the location of the fracture and surgery was performed to remove the broken section of the tail. He stayed in overnight for supportive treatment and pain relief and went home the following day.

He has come in today for a post op check. He is doing really well and we look forward to seeing him for his next post op check. He should adjust to not having a tail fairly soon ❤️47134115_2223493780997203_4788306253438779392_o

Poor Fergie has been in for X-rays

His owners had noticed he had started limping on and off on his back left leg. Once Fergie had been examined it was decided that X-Rays were needed to diagnose him. The X-Rays showed that poor Fergie has ruptured his Cruciate ligament.

He will now be referred to our sister practice “Briar House” for the Orthopaedic Vet to carry out corrective surgery. We will keep you all updated on his recovery! 🐶😍

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