Patient stories from Streatham Hill Vets

AAA Star!

Mischievous Rocky was rushed in to see us last night after swallowing a AAA battery. We took an X-ray, which confirmed that he had indeed swallowed it whole. Fortunately for Rocky the battery was intact – as you can see from the x-ray – as any leakage could have been fatal. Rocky (or should we say Lucky) vomited up the battery and is back to his bouncy cheerful self!

Lucius and his Endoscopy

Meet Lucius, the clever shepherd 😌 Lucius was the perfect patient today when he came in for a thorough check up.

Our vet Viraf carried out an ultrasound scan and an endoscope on Lucius to check for any abnormalities.

Check ups using the endoscope allows us to see the oesophagus, stomach and small intestine in full colour. We do this by placing a small flexible tube with a camera down Lucius’s throat and viewing internally on a screen.

Viraf was looking for inflammation, abnormal swellings or scarring. Luckily he found none of the above and gave Lucius the all clear 🤩

We look forward to seeing this good boy back again soon 🐾

Have a break, fix the Kit-Kat

This is the very brave Kit-Kat, she underwent an extensive orthopaedic procedure to correct her fracture. Our skilled surgeon Gabriella placed a plate in her leg using screws, which can be clearly seen in the X-ray below.

Gabriella has prescribed Kit-Kat strict rest to aid her recovery and as you can see she is taking her advice very seriously!

47243325_2000718466655341_8869407791828172800_nLovely Lady’s Laparoscopy

This is the lovely Lady who was referred to Streatham to have a laparoscopic spay procedure.

Whilst she was here our vet, Gabriella, noticed that both of her tear ducts were blocked and so she flushed these whilst she was under a general anaesthetic.

Lady was a very good girl all day and was thoroughly spoilt with cuddles by all the nursing staff.

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