Sweet treats, a scarlet lady and Eric the Schnauzer. Another interesting week at the vets!

46470450_1897722083675349_4701672747284037632_nSweet Toffee

Gorgeous Toffee came in to our Mitcham Vets for her first kitten check with us! She’s absolutely stunning and so friendly! She was a joy to have around, and was so good during her examination ❤️ Toffee is a lovely and healthy kitty and we will next see her for the monthly weight check when we can see if she’s big enough to be neutered 😊

See you soon, beautiful!


Eric the Schnauzer

This is Eric, a super sweet Schnauzer who came to see our Wimbledon Vets team because he has a lump on his gum. We suspect it is an Oral Papilloma, which is a wart caused by the Papilloma virus. These do not usually cause a problem and can resolve on their own but, as Eric goes to Doggy Daycare, there is a chance it could get knocked or scratched whilst he is having fun playing with other dogs.

We removed the lump today and will send it to the lab to confirm our diagnosis.

Say hello to Cookie!

This little lady came to visit due to a broken dewclaw. After a small sedation the team at Croydon Vets managed to remove the claw and cookie is back to being her happy and bouncy self.


Treacle, what a cutie pie!

This is Treacle 😽 Poor treacle was limping badly at home and must have been in a lot of pain as she wasn’t her usual chirpy self. She was brought into Mitcham Vets and after taking a series of x-rays we found that the femur of her right back leg was severely broken (as you can see in the x-ray). She was referred to our main site Streatham Hill Vets straight away for surgery.

Our surgeon Gabriella fixed her leg back into place using a locking plate technique. She will now be on strict bed rest for a couple of weeks while she recovers. We hope she’s feeling so much better now and will be back on her feet in no time 😘

Scarlet Lady

The very delightful Scarlet visited the Animal Clinic to have her teeth cleaned (descaled & polished) under a general anaesthetic. We are pleased to report that her procedure went well and she did not require any teeth to be extracted.

Just a reminder that November is our dental smile month promotion, which means we are offering free dental checks for all pets & a 15% discount if your pet requires any dental treatment (Members of our VIP health plan still receive a 10% discount, in addition to the 15% discount promotion).

Please give us a call on 0208 319 3033 if you would like to book an appointment or have any questions about this offer. As you can see from the picture Scarlet enjoyed the time she spent outside during her recovery and was wearing her gorgeous red coat to help keep her warm in the sudden cold weather!



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