Pet Smile Month and Freja the Ferret!

45564875_1970165983043923_8737370438335725568_oFreja the Ferret!

Meet Freja, here giving our Streatham Hill vet, Eleanor, a little nuzzle! 😍 Freja came in to visit us today for a Suprelorin implant. When female ferrets come into season, they will stay in season until they are mated. If this doesn’t happen, this can cause complications for the ferret such as serious anaemia. Research has shown that it is not recommended to spay a ferret, as they can develop a condition called ‘hyperadrenocorticism’. Due to this, a clever alternative way to prevent this is this hormonal implant, which is placed under light sedation. We love seeing all your different pets!

If you would like more information on keeping your ferret healthy, give the practice a call!

Handsome Henry’s Dental

Handsome Henry was at Streatham Hill Vets for a dental today 😸 Prior to the procedure we took some dental X-rays. This helps us to better understand how the teeth and gums are doing, as a lot of conditions cannot be seen by the naked eye. After the x-rays our vet Elenor noticed that Henry had 2 resorptive lesions. This is when the tooth’s root is eaten away leaving just the crown visible. Luckily now we could just remove the visible part of the tooth knowing that we weren’t leaving a root behind. This procedure is less invasive and painful for little Henry. Henry was a little groggy after his op but some cuddles from our nurse Ayla cheered him up! 💕

Dusty’s Dental

Lovely Dusty was at our Mitcham Vets for a dental procedure, taking advantage of our amazing discounts! 🙌🏼 Dusty had some teeth removed by our fantastic vet Felicity in order to keep the rest of the mouth healthy, and the rest of his pearly whites were scaled and polished as well 😁 Due to little Dusty’s age, he was kept on fluids during the procedure to keep him hydrated under anaesthetic. Dusty went home with some antibiotics and we’ll see him for a check up in a couple of days to see how he’s doing

Happy Hades!

45636477_1987745444605719_834886091235393536_oNovember is Pet Smile Month and we are offering a free dental check for your pets. We also have a 15% discount on any required dental treatment.

Here is the beautiful Hades who came in to Wimbledon Vets for his free dental check with our vet Kate. He is very happy to be here and luckily has beautiful teeth!

Pet Smile Month Offers

Many of our surgeries are offering dental discounts and free check ups throughout November, if you think your pet may need a dental check up please call your nearest surgery!


Our Surgeries


The Animal Clinic

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Blackheath Veterinary Surgery

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Mayow Veterinary Surgery

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Mitcham Veterinary Surgery

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Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery

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The Manor Veterinary Surgery

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