Khaleesi the buzzard will fly again and other great stories from London Vets

Khaleesi will fly again!

Meet Khaleesi. She is a Common Buzzard, possibly from Scandinavia (due to her very light colouring), she was found by Briar House Veterinary Surgery’s fantastic vet Enrico. Enrico was flying his Falcon in the countryside on Sunday and found her on the floor with a broken wing and wound from being electrocuted. As you all know Enrico has a keen interest in birds and is a falconer himself. He scooped her up, brought her to the practice and carried out surgery on her wing. She is staying here with us to recover, be fed and have medication. As you can see she enjoying her quail and she is absolutely beautiful!!

Please keep all your fingers crossed that she will make a full recovery very soon!

Basil’s back!

This handsome boy is Basil. He came in to our Blackheath surgery for a re-check following his dental and xrays last week. Our vet Ash was suspicious that Basil had arthritis and his owner wanted to have xrays done at the same time as his dental to confirm the diagnosis. The xray shows signs of arthritis around his right elbow joint. He had one of the largest premolars removed known as the carnassial. Ash is pictured suturing the gum closed after removing the tooth.

43691961_1950894188304436_8561130844800942080_nFraser the Corgi puppy!

Meet the latest member of our VIP club, Fraser! How cute is he?! 😍 Have cuddles with Jen, our Practice Manager. Fraser is a 10 week old Corgi puppy, in today to begin his vaccination course. Fraser’s owner signed him up to our VIP health care plan. This includes all his preventive health care for the year, a free 6 month health check, microchip, 10% of all visits with us and 30% off food on our online shop… all split into 12 affordable monthly payments. How could you resist?!

We cannot wait to see Fraser again in 2 weeks time for his 2nd vaccination 🐶.

Gorgeous Kropka hip dysplasia

Four year old Yorkshire Terrier ‘Kropka’ came into our clinic for x-rays this morning. The x-rays show that Kropka has mild hip dysplasia and luxating patella which for the time being we will be treating with pain relief and joint supplements. Kropka will have regular check ups to see how she is getting on with the treatment prescribed.


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