Foreign Bodies, a Turtle and a lot of Pet Cuddles… Lucky London Vets!

Blackheath Vets, Dog, foreign bodyNaughty Alfie and the fruit stone

This is Alfie. He came to our Blackheath Vets earlier in the month with vomiting and was unable to keep his food down. After a few days in the practice he wasn’t showing any signs of improvement so an ultrasound scan was performed by our vet Seohee. Seohee detected a small foreign body in Alfie’s stomach and Alan operated on Alfie later on that day to remove a 2cm wide fruit stone (pictured) from his stomach. He recovered well from his operation and was back to his normal self within a few days. He was a lovely patient and we are very glad that he is feeling so much better ❤️ 🐾

Colo the turtle!

Here’s something we don’t see every day…..🐢 This little guy is Colo who came in to see our vet Amy at Croydon today, his owners where worried that he might be finding it difficult to go to the toilet. After a long discussion he had some x-rays taken, thankfully they came back all clear. Colo had some medication and within a few hours was doing a lot better, we wish him a “speedy” recovery (pun intended).

Poor puppy’s broken leg

This lovely little guy visited our Blackheath surgery because he had been limping for a few days after a little fall he had. With no improvement from pain relief these last few days, he was admitted for x-rays which revealed he has a broken bone in his hind leg! He will go home with pain relief and strict rest and come back to us for surgery within the next few days.

44384098_1962348213812109_904897124766842880_oGorgeous Norah cuddles!

Meet the absolutely beautiful Norah. She came in to our Wimbledon Vets for her neutering operation.

She likes us all but was a little worried about being here. This was easily fixed with some cuddles with our nurse Victoria, and she was wagging her tail all day.

Gorgeous Obi you are the one!

Obi visited our Corner Vets for his Booster vaccination. He has the most stunning eyes. All us ladies here are very jealous of his eyeliner !!! Can you guess what breed Obi is ??


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