Amazing stories from Mayow Vets

42271864_1892237217480105_3187126893413400576_oGuinea Pig Geniuses

The Almighty and Brave Mr Charles Darwin the Guinea Pig visited for a lump removal on his lower back, which was confirmed to be a type of cyst. He was such a brave boy and with the support of his buddy Mr Adam Sedgewick he had a fantastic recovery.

How awesome are their names?!


Adam the Super Cat!

Adam came into Mayow Vets with a suspected abscess on his tail. Through extensive examination and X-rays, it was confirmed that he had a broken tail, highlighted in the X-ray below.

To avoid further injury and infection, Adam went into surgery to remove part of his tail. Our vet, Francesca, did an amazing job with his procedure and Adam is now on the road to recovery.

You can see some of his post op check photos, with our locum vet, Steph.


When Adam met Monica!

40392841_1864486336921860_6287872871993704448_nThis beautiful German Shepherd puppy called Monica, visited Mayow Vets for her second vaccination. Despite her big paws, she is only 10 weeks old in this photo.

She is such a lovely, gentle girl who loved all the cuddles with our Vet, Adam.

Look out for further updates of Monica’s visits, as she continues to grow and receives her health checks along the way 🐶



Young at heart

16 years young, handsome and extremely adorable! Joey visited our Mayow Vet Surgery for his recheck appointment as he was in a few days ago due to excessive urination and crouching. After a thorough examination, poor Joey was diagnosed with cystitis.

Only a few days in on his course of antibiotics and we were so pleased to hear he is doing well! Joey just needs to finish his course of antibiotics for them to take full effect. We wish our golden oldie a full and speedy recovery! Joey’s age does not hold him back, he’s still out and about with his owners always having lots of fun!


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