Best vets in London and other pet related stories…

44136668_1960451817580890_7865575219224641536_nBest vet in London…

We were absolutely delighted that Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery has been announced as one of the top three vets in London! Yay us!



Vet Nurse Appreciation Day

44073587_1917530888284071_5601491515604992000_nWe are there to greet you and your pet with treats to make you feel comfortable.
We are there to make sure your pet is stable throughout their operation.
We are there to comfort your pet when it wakes up and can’t see it’s owner.
We are there to support you and be the person you can talk to if times get hard.
We are there because we love what we do and we love helping your animals.

Happy Vet Nurse Appreciation Day🐾💜


Riley and the Chocolate Season

This cute lady is Riley and she was admitted to Blackheath Vets following a trip to Vets Now after eating chocolate. We loved having her at the practice and she enjoyed lots of fuss.

Chocolate will be a lot more accessible with Halloween and Christmas approaching so take extra care to keep chocolate out of the reach of doggies.

If your pet eats something inappropriate then contact the practice immediately as vomiting may need to be induced within an hour of consuming the inappropriate item.


Poor Bella

This super sweet girl is Bella. Poor Bella had managed to get some petrol on her, she had inhaled some fumes and it was affecting her breathing.
Wimbledon Vets took some xrays which did show some minor changes to her lungs. We have given her some medication to help support her airway and we will be making regular checks on her progress (You can also see a lovely view of her microchip in these xrays)

Ron the receptionist

This handsome boy is Ron, saying hello to the Animal Clinic reception team earlier this week before he’s recheck appointment with the vet. Ron recently had an episode of severe diarrhoea and vomiting that required him to stay hospitalised with us for IV fluids & some medication to make him feel better.

We are pleased to say that Ron is now back to his usual charming self 💕



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