Golden oldies, naughty pups and a rocket man… coming to a London Vet near you!

Gorgeous golden oldie

Today’s golden oldie ⭐️ Meet Oscar… can you believe it, he is 20 years old! It is so refreshing to see him here at Streatham Hill Vets for a health check. His owner is still ensuring that at his age he is still up to date with his annual vaccinations and preventative health care. Although he may not look too pleased, he did enjoy a cuddle with our lovely Vet Kate.

You gotta have Faith!

Meet the fantastic Faith. A gorgeous Cavalier King Charles. She came in to see our Corner Vets team as she had a lump appear on her leg. We suspect it is a histocytoma, which is a benign growth that occurs in younger dogs. We will monitor this lump closely, and if is doesn’t resolve or it gets bigger, Faith will have to have a minor operation to have it removed.

Of course she had a sausage treat when she was here too !!

Naughty pup!

43273230_2143617815651467_2216871709410066432_oThis gorgeous boy is called Billy. He visited our Blackheath Vets team last week because he decided to eat half a plastic glasses lens whilst his mum was asleep!! B

illy was admitted and given an injection to make him vomit. In one of the images below you’ll see a piece of plastic and also a piece of his chew toy. After he finished vomiting he got to have some lovely cuddles with our head vet Alan. He went home the same day and was monitored very closely by him mum 😊

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!

Little Ruby was extremely brave today. She came in to Mitcham Vets for a lump to be removed from her leg which was causing her a bit of discomfort.

If you find any lumps and bumps on your pet, we strongly recommend you book an appointment with the vet just so we can have a check. All in all Ruby feels much happier with her little friend being removed and so is her mummy. She is recovering well 😁😁

Squirrel chaser

Merlin the Labradoodle was out having a lovely walk in the woods this morning when he saw……A SQUIRREL 🐿!! He chased the Squirrel and unfortunately caught his groin on a broken metal fence 🙈. Poor Merlin visited us at the Manor Vets to have his wound cleaned, stitched with a drain placed and will soon be free to chase Squirrels again!

Rocket Man (well… dog)!

This fashionista with his snazzy buster collar is Rocket in for his post op check 🤩 Rocket had a luxating patella, which is when a small bone in the kneecap keeps popping out of the joint. This is often a congenital defect, common in small breeds.

The surgery took place at Streatham Hill Vets carried out by our amazing surgeon Gabriella. Surgery was needed to straighten the leg and deepen the groove where the kneecap will lie. As you can see in the x-rays the kneecap which had popped out to the right is now nicely repositioned in the centre of the joint. This will improve Rocket’s lameness and will make him feel more comfortable. He’ll now be able to carry out his normal chihuahua duties!! 😋

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