Amazing stories from Croydon Vets

Fifi’s emergency operation

This is Fifi, a 7 year old entire female cat, her owners brought her in because they noticed she had been drinking more than usual and she had discharge from her vulva. Despite having a normal temperature and everything seemed normal on the physical examination, her blood tests showed a large elevation in her white blood cells, which indicated infection somewhere! This along with discharge from her vulva was suggestive of a ‘Pyometra’ or uterine infection. Treatment is by removing the uterus surgically, in the exact same surgery as a spay procedure, and will be curative in the long term without a uterus to become infected again. Fifi has been discharged home with antibiotics and pain relief and we will see her regularly over the next few days to make sure she has a smooth recovery.

42581019_460451904442117_7386290988211240960_n (1)

Gorgeous Meg

This little lady is Meg, she is just adorable and gives kisses on demand😘

Meg came in to see our vet Dane today to have her glands expressed. Megs owner has noticed that she has been licking her back end a lot, this can be a sign that her glands are full. Other things to look out for are dragging bottoms on the floor. Our vet has recommended that Meg comes back to have this checked every few months.

If you have noticed any of these signs or any others please call us on 0208 655 0235


39253455_437484043405570_6894263292877864960_nCasper’s dental

Casper came back to see us today, he came in to have his teeth cleaned! Looking after your doggies teeth is just as important as looking after your own teeth 🐶

Some ways you can help keep your dogs teeth clean are:

1) Tooth brushing with special dog toothpaste. Human toothpaste is poisonous for doggies so keep clear of that!
2) Dry food is good as this doesn’t stick to your dogs teeth and cause plaque and tartar
3) Dental treats and chews are good to help remove plaque from teeth

Pharaoh’s teeth

Meet gorgeous VIP Pharaoh in for her post op check after her spay. She is almost six months old and has her adult teeth coming through, and at the moment has her baby and adult canine teeth present as can be seen in the photo. Cats lose their baby (deciduous) teeth when they are between 5 and 8 months.

This is mostly not noticed as the baby teeth are usually swallowed. Pharoah is named due to her lovely big ears and was very well behaved today 💚


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