Amazing stories from Mitcham Vets

Kitten and Puppy day!

What a lovely and eventful way to start the day in Mitcham Vets! We had these three cute babies come in for their first check ups with us, and they all became our Little VIPs!

Adorable tabby kitten Ariel, gorgeous chihuahua Lowkie, and beautiful and aptly named kitten Oreo all went home with a special VIP gift and had all their preventative treatment today included on their amazing health plan. We look forward to seeing them all soon for more cuddles ❤️

Buddy cuddles

41144483_1807728999341325_3669484345325780992_n (1)Meet our newest tiny patient, Buddy! ❤️ Buddy has just become our Little VIP and is now on an affordable health plan designed specifically for our youngest patients 😋

Little Buddy is covered for vaccinations, flea and worm prevention, microchip, and monthly check ups! 😎 He also went home with a complimentary tube of our favourite liver treats that are so popular among our patients!

We can’t wait to see Buddy again for his weight check and more cuddles.

Munchkin’s torn cruciate ligament

This lovely boy is Munchkin, who came in today for X-rays, as he’s been limping recently. He has a problem with his knee joint, and we suspect a tear in the cruciate ligament. Munchkin will be having anti-inflammatory medicine and joint supplements, together with plenty of rest not to overexercise his little leg.

We are going to check him over again soon to see how he’s doing and to decide if surgery is necessary.


42435055_1827211540726404_5404171612696084480_nIt’s all about the bunnies!

Those two lovely bunnies are Willow and Bramble, who came in for routine neutering, and they were both model patients! ❤️ We recommend neutering your male rabbits at 4-6 months old, as otherwise they can be aggressive with other rabbits and humans, and they will also spray urine like male cats.

Neutering produces a much calmer and relaxed bunny boy, and if you keep them indoors, it will be much easier to litter train! We will see Willow and Bramble in a few days for a post-op check and more cuddles!


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