Meanwhile in a vet surgery near you… Incredible orthopaedic surgery, laser therapy and a cyst removal, from a genius!

Patches cruciate repair

Patches, pictured below with our nurse Jill, had a very complicated surgery called a TTA with our highly skilled surgeon Gabriella at Streatham Hill Vets.

She was in for her first post op check up and we are delighted to see that she is doing brilliantly. She is bearing weight already and although this is great to see we still have to be careful as she needs to have controlled exercise during the healing process.

A TTA (tibial tuberosity advancement) is a cruciate repair technique. The surgery involves placing a plate to change the biomechanics of joint and the angle in which it is used. This procedures makes the cruciate unnecessary. This type of surgery is usually carried out at a referral centre but our vets have gone through special training to be able to perform it. Sweet patches is in good hands here and we hope her long recovery time is not too frustrating for her! 💕

A Hades tale…

This is lovely one and a half year old Hades. His Owner noticed that Hades had a sore tail and was not lifting it properly. Our team at Wimbledon Vets took some x-rays which showed some fragments of bone.

Poor Hades will have to have strict rest for a couple of weeks and then have another x-ray to see if everything is healed. In the meantime Hades is also receiving pain relief to make him feel better.

Hey Buddy

Lovely Buddy visited Manor Vets to have some x-rays as he’s been struggling a little bit with his legs! He’s such a lovely, well tempered boy and we just had to have his picture to share with everyone! Fingers crossed he’s on the road to recovery but you can see him smiling here while being examined, all those people were just to stop him licking everyone’s faces! He’s been an absolute pleasure 😍

Guinea Pig Geniuses

The Almighty and Brave Mr Charles Darwin the Guinea Pig visited Mayow Vet surgery for a lump removal on his lower back, which was confirmed to be a type of cyst. He was such a brave boy and with the support of his buddy Mr Adam Sedgewick he had a fantastic recovery.

How awesome are their names?!

Joomug’s weekly laser therapy

Please meet our lovely regular Joomug! ⭐️ Joomug has been visiting Streatham Hill Vets for regular K-Laser sessions with our nurses to help with her arthritis.

As well as some blood tests and ultrasounds to check the progress on her chronic diseases. K-Laser is a non-surgical complementary treatment we use to help treat pain, reduce inflammation and aid wound healing. We are very fortunate to have one here at Streatham!

She is a superstar patient…our nurses our very fond of her, as they are with all our patients!42446475_1912071118853410_8234887645847617536_n

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