Eight Awesome Pets Who Visited Our Vets

Little VIPs

What a lovely and eventful way to start the day in Mitcham Vets! We had these three cute babies come in for their first check ups with us, and they all became Little VIPs!🤩 Adorable tabby kitten Ariel, gorgeous chihuahua Lowkie, and beautiful and aptly named kitten Oreo all went home with a special VIP gift and had all their preventative treatment today included on their amazing health plan.

We look forward to seeing them all soon for more cuddles ❤️

Adam the Super Cat!

Adam came into Mayow Vets with a suspected abscess on his tail. Through extensive examination and X-rays, it was confirmed that he had a broken tail, highlighted in the X-ray below.

To avoid further injury and infection, Adam went into surgery to remove part of his tail. Our vet, Francesca, did an amazing job with his procedure and Adam is now on the road to recovery.

You can see some of his post op check photos, with our locum vet, Steph.

Daisy, Daisy…

Beautiful Labrador Daisy came to Wimbledon Vets with a torn nail and not putting weight on her front left leg. To rule out any broken bones we took some x-rays.

Thankfully no fractures were seen and Daisy should respond well to anti inflammatory medication. She certainly was chilled enough to have her belly rubbed.

Reggie and Romeo!

Look at these adorable little kitty’s 🐱 These very handsome boys are Romeo (short haired) and Reggie (long haired). They’ve been in today taking advantage of Manor Vets half price neutering offer and they have also been microchipped.

We just can’t stop cuddling them 😍


Still seeing grass seeds…

Brave Polly came in to Streatham Hill Vets with a painful swelling in her neck. An operation revealed a grass seed deep in her throat. Grass seeds can bury and travel into tissues. We can find these right up into November causing problems.

Polly has been given antibiotics and painkillers and should go on to make a full recovery 👍🐾💚


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