A new lease of life for a Boxer, a passport for a Cavapoo and Pepsi’s missing coin – just another week in a London veterinary surgery!

Mayow vets, arthritisHe’s like a puppy again

This is Ruben the handsome Boxer. He has had problems with arthritis in his joints, discovered through X-rays. We have had the pleasure of seeing him in the clinic regularly for his Cartrophen course. This is a 4 week initial course of injections given 5-7 days apart, that acts as an effective anti-inflammatory and pain relief for the joints. After the 4 injections has finished this can last up to 6 months depending on the severity of the arthritis.

Rubens owner has seen a huge improvement in his movements and behaviour. He is a lot more happier and playful. Ruben is also going to receive hydrotherapy treatment which will also be beneficial for him. We are all so pleased with his progress so far!!

Dashing Dachshund

This is 11 year old Dachshund Kiwi who was brought into our clinic Wimbledon Vets as he had suddenly started barking throughout the night and not always responsive to his owners attempts to calm him down. Our vet Viraf decided to take some bloods to rule out any diseases. It turned out to be an excellent decision to bring Kiwi to the vet as the blood test results showed high liver enzymes. Viraf carried out an ultrasound which showed a large mass – see photo.

To investigate the mass Viraf took a fine needle aspirate to get a sample. The good news is that the mass is benign. We will however see little Kiwi on a regular basis to keep a close eye on her well being.

If your pet’s behaviour changes, no matter how subtlety, it is always worth getting a check up with a vet!


Pet Passport, Mr Hooper, Animal Clinic, Blackheath VetsThis handsome boy is, 7 month old Cavapoo Mr Hooper. He visited the Animal Clinic for his Rabies vaccine and pet passport so he is ready for his holidays! 

The Rabies vaccination and pet passport are vital requirements for pets travelling abroad. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for taking your pet abroad:

  • The Rabies vaccination must be administered by a Veterinary Surgeon a minimum of 21 days before travel (not including the day the vaccine is given).
  • Please be aware a worming tablet must be administered before returning to the UK 
    • a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 5 days before entering the UK
  • If you are travelling to a country outside of the EU there could be additional requirements
  • We recommend owners check any additional requirements with DEFRA as soon as you are considering travelling or emigrating outside of the EU as the preparation time for some of those countries could be significantly longer.

Here are the contact details for the Pet Travel Scheme helpline Email: pettravel@apha.gsi.gov.uk or call them on 0370 241 1710

Have a wonderful holiday Mr Hooper!


Pepsi and the missing coin

This is Pepsi a lovely 6 month old domestic short hair who likes to get into mischief. Her owners took her to our Mitcham Vet surgery when she stopped eating and started vomiting. She was transferred to our animal hospital Streatham Hill Vets for overnight fluids and a scan of her abdomen.

The scan revealed a foreign body in her intestines which needed to be removed. Our vet Felicity performed an emergency procedure to remove the object which turned out to be a five pence piece! Pepsi is recovering well but, as you can tell from the picture, she is feeling a little sorry for herself.


Keyhole surgery at Blackheath vets

This is the gorgeous Marcie. She came in for laparoscopic (keyhole) neutering at our Blackheath Vet Surgery. Keyhole neutering is less invasive so the patients are usually back to normal almost immediately post surgery. As you can see Marcie was very bright post op and was happy after going for a walk in the garden.

Keyhole neutering is performed by our vet Alan who is assisted by both our registered veterinary nurses. Lizzy (RVN) has a lot of experience of scrubbing in to assist with the surgery and Rebekah (RVN) monitors the anaesthetic using top range equipment, as well as her own skills, to ensure the patient is safe and breathing well throughout. Our newest vet Andrew is pictured observing the procedure. Our whole team love to work together on laparoscopic procedures as the patients seem to be happier and less painful with a faster recovery.

Blackheath Vets and Streatham Hill Vets are both able to perform Keyhole spays, please give them a call for more information.

Our Surgeries


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