Bearded dragons, Ragdolls and bears… just another week at the vets!

Fidget the bearded dragon

This little ‘Fidget’ visited our Mayow Veterinary Surgery for a claw clip with our vet Adam. Of course Adam could not resist making a fuss of Fidget and having a quick picture. We are pleased to say we have a happy, healthy and well looked after Bearded Dragon here who gets lots of love from everyone!

Jessie’s dental

Friendly and gorgeous Jessie came in to our Mitcham Vets to get some pearly whites. She had a dental scale and polish by our vet Alessandro!!

Although poor Jessie isn’t able to see, the procedure went extremely well. She was as good as gold and there she is standing proudly with her rosette which she truly deserves. You were very brave Jessie! Well done!!! ⭐️🐶⭐️


Beau the Ragdoll

38814371_1027823140719591_5811701066340761600_o (1)Beau, is a beautiful three year old male Ragdoll, who visited the Animal Clinic for a health check, as he has been having some problems urinating outside of his litter tray. Cats urinating outside of their litter tray can have many reasons, and while some may be behavioral, its always advised to check your pet is actually physically healthy and there are no underlying issues – like for instance cystitis, kidney problems or bladder stones- causing this.

We are now waiting for some test results for Beau and – if he gets the all clear – we will look into what other reasons he may have for occasionally not using his litter tray.


What a teddy bear!

Poor Bling came to our Manor Veterinary Surgery for emergency surgery for a particularly nasty infection of the uterus. As you can see in the photo her uterus was dangerously swollen. Our lovely vet Jackie is very pleased with how Bling is recovering and she looks so much happier than she did when she went home after surgery last week. Her temperature has gone down to normal and she can have her stitches out next week. What a brave girl!


Cute kittens!

Meet Henry and Toto two of our youngest new clients here at Wimbledon Vets. These two are nine weeks old which is the ideal time to be vaccinated.

Henry and Toto will come in for this later this week with a follow on appointment three weeks later to complete their first vaccination course and the both of them will then be able to enjoy the great outdoors. A booster vaccination will be required on a yearly basis.


Our Surgeries


The Animal Clinic

Tel: 020 8319 3033

Blackheath Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 020 8858 5151

Mayow Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 020 8659 4496

Mitcham Veterinary Surgery

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Streatham Hill Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 020 8674 3525

Croydon Veterinary Surgery

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Wimbledon Veterinary Surgery

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The Corner Veterinary Surgery

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Briar House Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 01843 863395

Lakeview Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 01304 375571

The Manor Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 01634 407777


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