Amazing week of stories from the Animal Clinic, Mayow vets and Briar House Vets

Incredible splenectomy and 1kg tumour surgery

The Mayow Vets team could not be any happier to see how fantastic our amazing Amber has recovered after her Splenectomy (spleen removal). Honestly, Amber has been the most amazing and bravest little lady and has soldiered on! 10 years old but young at heart. Amber has been supported through her poorly stages by her owner and amazing dog walker.

After a visit for a consultation and scan, Amber deteriorated quickly and was immediately booked in for her surgery! Our fantastic vet Adam performed surgery where she was monitored and cared for by our nursing team. She was closely monitored over night with lots of pain relief and love! As pictured, you can see the tumour removed from Amber which was attached to her spleen – taking up the whole of her abdomen. The team were completely gobsmacked by the size of it.

Amber came in for her post op check and we are all so pleased to see and hear she is doing well. Here she is pictured with some great and very supportive people around her – her owner, dog walker Teresa and our vet Adam. Amber has certainly left a soft spot on the Mayow team. We wish you a speedy recovery Amber, well done for soldiering on and being a little angel.


Stanley the Guinea Pig’s bladder stone surgery

From a 1kg tumour removal to a 1kg patient at Mayow Vets. This little beauty is Stanley the Guinea Pig. Stanley has been having urinary issues and as shown on the X-rays, this poor boy had a bladder stone which was successfully removed today (as also shown in the picture). Stanley made a speedy recovery after surgery and was soon up and awake enough ready for his delicious food.

Too much calcium in the guinea pigs diet can build up in the urinary tract, which will first cause a gritty sludge to form, and then hard stones. In some guinea pigs the stone may dissolve with diet but majority of the time, like Stanley this is not the case and surgery is required.

We will see Stanley back in a couple of days for his post op check but in the mean time wish him a speedy recovery.

Jock’s Jaw surgery

This handsome Staffie is six year old Jock, pictured below with our vet Margit at the Animal Clinic. Unfortunately Jock had an ulcerating growth on his lower jaw, very close to his lips, which needed to be removed.

The surgery to remove the lump was very tricky as the lump was quite big for the area that it was in and very close to the mouth – but thankfully our vet Margit managed to remove the whole tumour with good margins and still achieve a great cosmetic result, in fact it healed so well you can’t even tell anymore that a sizeable area of his skin had to be removed!

Thankfully histology results confirmed that the mass was successfully completely removed and Jock will not need any further treatment for the tumour.

We are very happy for Jock for this positive outcome and we think his smile is still very beautiful!


Mabel’s heart seizure

This beautiful Bull Terrier is Mabel! She was diagnosed with a heart condition last Christmas but with some heart medication she has been doing brilliantly.  Mabel came in to see us a Briar House Vets because she got over excited and had a syncope episode (“heart seizure”). Our vet Laura performed a heart scan to be sure her condition was not getting worse.

On the video you can see that one of the heart valves (mitral valve) is not closing properly due to the pressure made by an enlarged ventricle. Fortunately the images are very similar to the previous scan performed at Christmas so Mabel’s syncope is mostly related to the heat wave.

A small increase on Mabel heart meds for a few weeks and avoiding the hotter hours of the day for her walks will be enough for avoiding more syncopes in the future. On the picture you can see how happy is Mabel after knowing the results of her scan!


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