Tails from London Veterinary Surgeries: It’s not just cats and dogs…

37722406_2036445783035338_2801373503780028416_oWho doesn’t like Kellogg’s?

Not the usual patient! Today we had a visit from Kelloggs.

He came in to our Blackheath Veterinary Surgery to see Alan because he has developed ‘bumble foot’ (bacterial infection that enters the blood stream via a cut).

Alan prescribed some antibiotics so he should hopefully be feeling much better very soon. Isn’t he gorgeous? šŸ˜Š



Taking care of your garden wildlife

This little cutie was brought into our Croydon Veterinary Surgery after falling out his nest! He will be sent to the RSPCA later for some special wildlife care after lots of TLC here!

Here are some tips for looking after your garden wildlife in this hotĀ weather:

  1. Bird baths are great to help keep the birds cool and offer them a drink!
  2. Damp shady areas in your garden using log or stone piles are great for hedgehogs!
  3. Nest boxes for to provide shelter and shade for birds in this heat!
  4. Small bowls of water in the garden are great for hedgehogs too!

Croydon Veterinary Surgery, RSPCA, Bird bath

Fun, furry ferrets!

Meet Martha and her little sister Freja.
These cute ferrets came in for a general health check and were given a clean bill of health.
Our reception Amy and nurse Tracey tried their hardest to get them to pose together forĀ the camera but they were just too wriggly!!!Ā 

Another baby in trouble!

Wildlife, bird, wimbledon veterianry surgeryUsually, with all wildlife babies, we would advise to leave them alone. Unless they are injured or in danger, the best thing to do is keep an eye on them but do not touch!
Mum is rarely far away and she is much less likely to come back to her baby if we interfere.

Even the most experienced human is no substitute at all for the care a mother animal will provide.

However, this poor little soul was found on the pavement outside South Wimbledon tube station and needed help.
A very king lady brought her in to Wimbledon Veterinary Surgery. She is strong, healthy and hungry!

She is too young to be able to fly but she does flap her little wings and try very hard.

Our head nurse Danni has been feeding her through the night and she already has a place lined up with a bird rescue charity. They will continue to hand rear her, and release her when she is big enough and able to fly


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